South East Asia Business Awards 2023

6 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Jan22686 Most Outstanding Environmental Law Firm 2023 - Philippines Times are changing, and most companies are looking to ensure that their practises align with environmental compliances. As a result of a range of technicalities, it can be difficult to decipher the eco-friendly choices from the harmful ones, and such cases could spell disaster for any manner of company. Thankfully, Pulido & Tiamson Law Offices (PTLO) has devoted itself towards delivering sound environmental advice to clients throughout the Philippines. PTLaw is a general practice law firm that offers a wide range of services to clients in various fields, focusing on environmental law, land, and natural resources. Over the past fourteen years, PTLaw has grown significantly and expanded its expertise to cover a multitude of cases including cybercrime, medical malpractice, labor, and family relations. This growth was driven by an increasing client base and the firm's commitment to professionalism and dedication to the law. The firm has a team of skilled lawyers who provide support to both corporate and individual clients. PTLaw has developed a loyal client base that continues to refer new clients to the firm, allowing it to further expand and establish itself as the most reliable environmental law firm in the Philippines. The firm's focus on client satisfaction and trust sets it apart from other firms in the sector. Its unique understanding of the country's environmental laws and institutions as one of the pioneer in environmental law practice at the Environment Management Bureau (EMB) gives it an advantage in addressing the ever expanding environmental regulatory regime. The firm’s understanding of the technical and legal requirements of companies, including the need to coordinate various professional technical services to address environmental issues and violations, made it the firm of choice in environmental law compliance and litigation for a lot of companies. It has represented clients in all EMB Regional Offices and the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao and has understood the dynamics of environmental law permitting, monitoring, and pollution adjudication. PTLaw is also dedicated to ensuring that companies make a positive contribution to the environment through sustainable development. The firm focuses on environmental compliance and works towards achieving positive results for both the countries ecology and the businesses it assists. It goes above and beyond to ensure clients comply with regulations and prevent future environmental disasters. PTLaw strikes a balance between development and protecting natural resources, making it a standout law firm. The firm is at the forefront of addressing environmental risks and is constantly developing its expertise to make a positive impact in the corporate industry. The firm's selfless approach and passion for the law set Apr23528 it apart from other law firms in the Philippines. PTLaw's lawyers hold impressive qualifications in environmental law and pollution control and are very active in the academe as professors and lecturers in this field. PTLaw genuinely cares about the fields it specializes in and is dedicated to upholding the law and preserving the environment. PTLaw sees sustainability and environmental compliance as more than just trends or checkboxes. The firm invests deeply in its work and has rigorous training programs to educate its team on preserving the natural beauty of the world. Overall, PTLaw is an environmental law firm that views sustainability with a clear perspective and is committed to helping clients achieve a balance between their businesses and the environment. Contact: Roberto Rafael Pulido Company: Pulido & Tiamson Law Offices Web: