South East Asia Business Awards 2023

4 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Best Shoecare Solutions eTailer 2023 - Philippines Imagine you’ve bought a brand-new designer handbag that you don’t want to wear out for fear of ruining it. Or perhaps you’ve got a pair of luxurious shoes that barely see the light of day. Back in 2014, Mia Samson Ancheta, an avid bag lover, was having this same dilemma. She had recently purchased a Céline Trapeze bag, notably known for its suede wings. In the Philippines, there is a preconceived notion that suede is a difficult material to handle. She wondered how westerners wear suede all year round, even during the winter—with all the snow and slush. She went on a search to find ways of how to protect this bag and learned about waterproofers. When scouting for the best brands of waterproofers, she stumbled upon the brand Collonil. Because of the brand’s track record of concocting the best products in its field since its establishment in 1909, supported by customer reviews and by the assurance of German quality and excellence, she took a leap of faith to import them to the Philippines without ever having tried out the products herself. Luckily, she was at that time, in the business of distribution of multinational goods in the healthcare industry alongside her husband, Jake. Seeing as the business model of distributing Collonil would be quite similar, she took up the challenge and finally decided to import the goods without any big plans except to sell it online. She established Craftisan Co. Inc., a corporation created specifically for this purpose. While waiting for her first shipment to arrive, she took on the task of developing a Collonil Philippines e-commerce website. As an online shopper herself, she knew that excellent products that are packed well and delivered reliably would be enough to generate sales. Mia comes from a clan of shoemakers in Marikina, the shoe capital of the Philippines. Their shoe factory and raw material warehouse was her childhood playground. Having grown up around different kinds of leather, and eventually having worked for their family business of shoe manufacturing and retail, this knowledge came naturally. Her knowhow on shoe construction and the different materials aided in identifying customer concerns and answering their inquiries. Ever since, Collonil Philippines has prided itself on tailor fitting their replies to the circumstances of the customer, knowing that not all concerns are one-size-fits-all, and need to be approached accordingly. The Philippine distributor does not only offer products, it provides solutions to customers’ issues and concerns. Through word of mouth and the help of social media, Collonil in the Philippines grew in popularity. New clients would post their reviews of Collonil products with captions such as “The hype is real!”. Their loyal clientele continues to praise how their beloved bags are brought back to life with its products. The use of the products are untethered, as you can use them on your luxury bags, branded sneakers, and even the upholstery of home furniture and car seats; on your most prized luxury goods, all the way down to your most casual belongings. The brand became known as a total leather and textile care solution. Collonil Philippines dominates the eTailing market of shoe and bag care. And by showing that Collonil products can be trusted for your most delicate and expensive items, you can rely on it for all your other goods as well. With the trust of the most prestigious department store in the Philippines and other specialty stores, the brand eventually expanded to retail. Their stockists now include the favorite stores of Filipino bag and shoe lovers. The fortunate combination of a background in production and retail of footwear and leather goods, being an online shopping enthusiast and bag lover simply trying to care for her belongings, and most of all, nurturing a good business relationship with a reputable company that produces the best products in its field, became the perfect concoction that made Collonil Philippines into the success that it is today. So, what’s next for Collonil Philippines? The brand will continue to bring in excellent products care of Collonil Germany, which boasts of more than a century of product innovation and state-of-theart production, all happening in the heart of Berlin. Its 2023 plans include expansion of its reach to the provincial stores of their stockists. And in the near future, the brand plans to put up its very own brick-andmortar store that would carry the whole range of Collonil products for their customers to see and experience onsite. Continue to expect the best of the best products for leather and textile care distributed to the Philippine market. So don’t worry about your goods, so long as they are preserved and protected with Collonil (which is actually the signature hashtag of Collonil Philippines!). Craftisan Co. Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Collonil in the Philippines Contact: Craftisan Co. Inc. Email: [email protected] Contact Person: Mia Samson Ancheta Brand: Collonil (Philippines) Web Address: