South East Asia Business Awards 2023

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 25 Feb22538 Founded in 2007, Rentalworks has emerged as a trailblazing provider of technology lifecycle management, setting new standards for sustainability in the IT industry. With a strong presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, Rentalworks has established itself as the go-to partner for businesses seeking cost-effective, secure, and eco-friendly solutions. Recognized as the "Most Sustainable IT Solutions Provider 2023" in the esteemed South East Asia Business Awards, Rentalworks continues to push boundaries and lead the charge towards a greener future. Rentalworks is revolutionizing the way businesses approach IT asset lifecycle management. By offering a comprehensive suite of services through Tech Support Hub, where the company enables organizations to streamline their operations, reduce environmental impact, and achieve their sustainability goals. With a customer-centric approach and a focus on innovation, Rentalworks has become the preferred choice for large enterprises, governments, retail chain outlets, and more. At the core of Rentalworks' offerings is its commitment to a circular economy. By promoting the reuse, refurbishment, and repurpose of IT assets, the company actively contributes to reducing electronic waste and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with technology consumption. Rentalworks' dedication to sustainability is evident throughout its operations, from eco-empowered asset acquisition plans and preventative maintenance services to secure data sanitization and end-of-life management. Rentalworks’ 3Rs "Rent, Refurbish and Repurpose" approach ensures that businesses stay on the cutting edge of technology while minimizing waste. Through strategic partnerships and a vast network, Rentalworks offers clients access to the latest devices through leasing programs, allowing them to conserve capital, simplify budgeting, and stay ahead of the curve. By leasing IT assets, businesses can effortlessly refresh their devices with the latest models, ensuring optimal performance and reliability while reducing the risk of obsolescence. In addition to its leasing programs, Rentalworks provides a range of value-added services and solutions that further enhance its sustainability-driven solutions. The company's award-winning end point protection and threat monitoring services safeguard businesses against cyber threats, ensuring data security and peace of mind. By offering the Advance and Elite technical support, Rentalworks minimizes disruptions, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations without worrying about IT maintenance. For total peace of mind, their team of highly-experienced experts are always ready with end-to-end support to ensure clients receive help on their ICT devices, reducing downtime. Preventive maintenance services, device protection coverage plans, and other value-added services under the Tech Support Hub, are in place to ensure computing devices are running smoothly to ensure maximum productivity. Their team of experts provides management on clients’ end-of-life assets from A to Z. At every step of the way, with warranty logistics services, asset decommissioning and disposal services, asset value recovery and remarketing services, as well as secure data sanitization services ensure that all clients’ assets are taken care of in a responsible fashion. Each calculated step taken is driven by the Group’s vision to make a meaningful difference in responsible ICT device consumption and sustainable practices. Their ultimate goal is to contribute to a circular ICT economy, thus lowering the environmental impact of the industry. While IT technology is resulting in great benefits in every sphere of human activity, the increasing demand for devices also come at a cost to the environment. This problem is compounded by rapid advancements in technology. The solution is to adopt more sustainable IT consumption patterns that strike a balance between fulfilling IT needs with environmental responsibility. Rentalworks' relentless commitment to sustainability and excellence has garnered widespread recognition. The prestigious title of "Most Sustainable IT Solutions Provider 2023" in the South East Asia Business Awards serves as a testament to the company's remarkable achievements and its tireless efforts in driving positive change. As Rentalworks continues to innovate and shape the future of technology lifecycle management, it paves the way for a greener, more sustainable IT industry. Most Sustainable IT Solutions Provider 2023 May23181 “Our purpose is clear: provide integrated Deviceas-a-Service (DaaS) solutions that raise your efficiency level, while improving the IT Circular Economy and reducing electronic waste. We call this our 3R Approach to Sustainable IT Lifecycle Management: Rent – Refurbish – Repurpose” Company: Rentalworks Group Web: Contact Name: Alan Puah, Managing Director