South East Asia Business Awards 2023

South East Asia Awards 2023 | 23 Apr23525 Since 2020, Interconnected Business Process Inc (IBP) has been providing outsourcing/offshoring services from its headquarters in Northwest Philippines. IBP is an industry-leading global offshoring partner specializing in audit readiness, SOX support assistance, financial reporting and accounting services for U.S. public companies, industry-leading unicorns, and forward-thinking startups. In light of its recent recognition in the Southeast Asia Business Awards 2023, we take a closer look to find out more about IBP and the services it offers. Expanding your business in a cost- and time-effective manner often requires seeking assistance from a trusted partner. By partnering with an offshore company, you can streamline your operations and enable your team to focus on their areas of expertise, while entrusting the tasks that demand time and energy to someone else. This is where Interconnected Business Process Inc truly excels, going beyond the role of a mere service provider to become a collaborative partner. Interconnected Business Process understands that your business is unique, and thus tailors its services to perfectly align with your specific needs. As you strive to grow your business, their team of reliable and talented professionals steps in, leveraging their extensive experience to deliver exceptional services that you can rely on. With Interconnected Business Process by your side, you can feel confident and at ease, knowing that you have a dedicated partner supporting your success and making an impact to your business. Interconnected Business Process offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to support multinational companies in fulfilling their crucial commitments. With a focus on financial reporting and accounting support, Interconnected Business Process assists with key processes such as procureto-pay (A/P), quote-to-cash (billings and collections), revenue recognition, record-toreport (general ledger), designto-build (inventory), and more. Their expertise extends to audit readiness and SOX compliance support, enterprise resource planning, encompassing SOX testing, workpaper preparation for audit, ERP planning and implementation support, data migration, training, and outsourced general ledger accounting services. When it comes to expanding your business, Interconnected Business Process's sales tax support becomes an invaluable asset. Their knowledgeable team provides the necessary resources to register your business with various U.S. states and cities, ensuring compliance with sales and use tax obligations. Interconnected Business Process recognizes the importance of streamlining operations and relieving your team from non-core responsibilities. With their extensive range of services and experienced professionals, they empower your business to thrive and excel, while maintaining compliance and maximizing efficiency. We are excited to share that Interconnected Business Process now holds the title of Most Innovative BPO Company 2023 – Philippines. Its commitment to providing quality outsourcing services that its clients trust and swear by is reflected not only by this award win, but also in testimonials left by its clients. For example, an industryleading U.S. unicorn says, “IBP was the backbone behind completely revamping our company books and processes. The quality of staff provided has exceeded our expectations in every way and we feel so grateful to have a team we can rely on and trust fully with our operations.” If you have been considering outsourcing services to help the growth of your business, now is the time. Head over to the Interconnected Business Process website to find out more about how the team can alleviate the workload that is distracting you from tasks that can truly make a difference to your business. Contact: Amanda Santiago Company: Interconnected Business Process Inc. Web Address: Most Innovative BPO Company 2023 - Philippines “Where Everything is Connected.”