South East Asia Business Awards 2023

14 | South East Asia Awards 2023 Most Innovative AI & Automation Solutions Provider 2023 - Malaysia AI is a deeply complex tool, and most are still working out the kinks that partner a range of productions. However, there are those who have managed to gain an understanding of AI that allows them to utilise it to ensure others are able to effectively apply AI to their practises. Imagine AI is one of the leading companies within this sector, and it utilises its extensive prowess in order to provide solutions for Automation, AI Vision, and Robotics. Acting as a technology company that assists clients in building stable digital infrastructures for modern manufacturing, Imagine AI seeks to define the future of the Automation, AI Vision, and Robotics industry. Its passion for the craft is evident throughout each of its practises, and it compiles all of its services into an affordable package that’s both accessible and intuitive. As a result, companies and businesses are presented with a viable and effective means of transforming their production processes. Specialising in AI vision technology and quality control inspection, Imagine AI is able to deliver systems that are wholly geared towards assisting clients in utilising AI in order to detect defects throughout their production processes. Its innovative technology grants companies and businesses alike the ability to utilise on-demand inspections, and is applicable throughout a multitude of industries. This, combined with its streamlined and intuitive nature, makes Imagine AI’s technology the go-to for any collective wanting to apply it as soon as possible. This is best seen through its AI Vision Standard Inspection Machines, which have been specifically developed with the PCB and Precision Engineering industries in mind. This technology hosts a full integration of hardware and software, and is capable of operating under any sort of guidance. In addition, thanks to its user-friendly GUI, Imagine AI’s standard machines can be operated by any technician, regardless of whether they have computer vision or programming experience or not. Imagine AI is committed to accessibility and affordability, and this is evident through the success of its technologies. As one of the fastest growing technology startups in Malaysia, it’s easy to see that Imagine AI has dedicated itself towards absolute excellence. It’s been consistently accelerating digital transformation within South East Asia through the implementation of its easyto-operate technological advancements. Its products act as an undeniable asset within any company, all whilst maintaining its ease of use. However, none of this would be possible without Imagine AI’s team of exceptional individuals. When selecting new members for its staff, Imagine AI is incredibly intricate with its hiring process. It’s not interested in seeking out the next faceless individual, but is actively searching for people who are both passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about the AI field. Every employee is valued as an integral part of the company, and it’s thanks to this careful selection that Imagine AI is able to handle each and every project with professionalism, care, and attention. Its innovative work culture and talent development schemes really place Imagine AI in a unique position within the industry. It’s continuously on the lookout for the next big talents that the field has to offer, all whilst keeping the best interests of its current employees at the heart of everything it does. By implementing continuous training for each and every individual under the Imagine AI name, it’s been able to foster an unrelenting brilliance that’s perfectly captured in its work. Imagine AI is a solutions provider unlike any other within Malaysia. There’s an overarching theme of dedication throughout each and every project it partakes in, and it’s this close attention to detail, both in terms of clients and employees, that allows it to truly shine within the industry. Nobody understands AI technology quite like Imagine AI, and we’re sure it’s going to continue to thrive as AI progresses in the future. Contact: Nur Alya Syamimi Company: Imagine AI Sdn Bhd Web Address: May23117