2023 Singapore Business Award Packages

Individual items Bespoke trophy: 345 GBP Slate trophy: 345 GBP Wall plaque: 345 GBP Personalised digital logo: 345 GBP Personalised digital certificate: 345 GBP About Operating across multiple channels, the APAC Insider mission is to bring you news and features from across the Asia Pacific region, including everything from regional news to business and innovation articles and beyond. Hosting more than a third of the world’s biggest businesses, including Toyota, Samsung, and the Bank of China, the APAC region is a dynamic and fast-paced landscape. To help recognise innovative businesses, APAC Insider is proud to offer awards to shine a spotlight on the companies and individuals changing the business landscape. Have been named This is to certify that: Company name or company logo Singapore Business Awards 2023 Award title Awarded (Month Year) CERTIFICATE Jane Henderson AI Global Media Ltd J Henderson Awards Title Singapore Business Awards 2023 Winner! Company Name Subscribe to APAC magazine www.apac-insider.com/subscribe