2023 Australian Enterprise Award Packages

Jan22686 makes an appearance, with the 100ml bottle being priced competitively at $277 AUD. Launched in 2006, the fragrance has become a recognisable and sought-after product, with its sultry tones making it an incredibly unique scent for women. Straying away from the typical sweet and floral scents, Black Orchid combines an aromatic formula of black truffle, black plum, patchouli and, of course, black orchid, to create an unforgettable perfume. In the men’s range, Beauty Affairs advertises Paco Rabanne, Penhaligon’s, and Versace. For $499 AUD, buyers can indulge in the woody undertones of Creed’s Viking scent. Launched in 2021 by Olivier and Erwin Creed, the fragrance harbours top notes of mandarin orange, pink pepper, lemon, and bergamot, which is blended with base tones of vetiver, sandalwood, cedar, olibanum, and patchouli. The fragrance is a pleasant addition to the Creed line, of which many of its fragrances feature on Beauty Affairs and can be described as an elegant and fresh aroma. Yet if fragrances and skincare aren’t what you’re looking for, Beauty Affairs possesses an overwhelming amount of haircare, health and wellness, and cosmetic products. Hair straighteners, beauty supplements, concealers, and more, are all highlighted on the website. It is safe to say that when Beauty Affairs names itself as a ‘one-stop shop’ it is a completely accurate statement. Quite simply, it is Australia’s leading online authority on all things luxury and cosmetics related. Consistently the company goes above and beyond the call of duty in order to infuse luxury into its clients’ lives – and this includes its VIP member deals. Using luxury skincare is one thing but indulging in a world of luxury treatments is another. As a Beauty Affairs VIP member, youwill be invited to experience one of Sydney’s best noninvasive luxury treatment spas as an exclusive offer. These deals are only available via the VIP package and cannot be found elsewhere, and the luxury packages must be booked through Beauty Affairs. Moreover, the experience in its entirety can be personalised, involving skin treatments and products that suit the customer’s skin. The treatments take place in a single treatment bed room and are carried out by highly qualified and professional aestheticians, ensuring a relaxing, attentive, and comfortable experience. Indeed, each of the treatment partners has been handselected by Beauty Affairs for their level of customer service, knowledge, and most importantly, luxury experience. Many that have taken this offer have complimented the service, leaving it numerous five-star reviews. Jenny R., a VIP member who completed the offer, left a testimonial stating, ‘Highly recommend! The staff are very professional and understanding of my sensitive skin. Their beautician does the most relaxing treatments – my skin is supple and settled after any treatment.’ Furthermore, Beauty Affairs has designed an awards scheme that allows members to build up a collection of points by completing tasks. For example, adding your birthday will give you 200 points, and leaving a product review awards 500. These points add up quickly and can be redeemed in return for a discount – 500 points can be exchanged for $5 AUD off your order, and 2000 for $20 AUD. When redeemed, the customer will receive a code that they can use during the checkout process. Beauty Affairs could not have made the process any simpler, it is quick, easy, and streamlined, and perhaps best of all, it provides a great incentive for customers to buy the products that they have been eyeing up. If the customer is in need of any further assistance, they can refer to the company’s blog or social media pages. Filled with helpful articles such as Does Lash Serum Actually Work? and Everything You Need to Know About Azelaic Acid, the blog acts as a magnificent guide to skincare and skin issues. It features advice, recommendations, and information surrounding common skin issues, and serves as that little extra push for clients hesitant about purchasing luxury skincare. Being able to educate customers about skincare by using high-performance beauty products from around the world as examples elevates Beauty Affairs head and shoulders above the competition, making them the obvious choice for the luxury skincare & cosmetics connoisseur. However, for more visual learners, the Beauty Affairs TikTok page serves as a treat. Since its creation, the account has amassed over 22 thousand followers and 78 thousand likes, all pouring in from skincare fanatics from around the globe. Featuring short videos about skincare hacks, peptides, cleansing, skin types, and recommendations – the list is endless – the TikTok page is a crash course in all things skincare. In addition, the page deconstructs the common lies and myths shared by skincare brands and consumers, including the claim of products being ‘chemical-free.’ Dozens of the videos have gone viral, with some garnering hundreds of thousands of views. The most popular video is titled Skincare Mistakes Volume 1 and has received 458 thousand views and over 30 thousand likes – the video teaches to apply oil after moisturiser, to apply retinol if needed as it is beneficial for skin rehabilitation, and to not wash your face with hot water. The company’s online presence alongside its devotion to quality has placed it at an advantage in a booming market. According to Statista, the global skincare market is expected to be worth around 189.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2025 and, in 2022, is currently estimated to be standing at 163.5 billion USD. This dramatic growth can be attributed to the shift in the skincare consumer base. In recent years skincare has seen its audience become younger and younger as people are becoming increasingly aware of its benefits, particularly in terms of anti-aging solutions. Contrasting this, the global cosmetics market decreased to 85.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, however, according to the Statista Consumer Market Outlook, it is estimated that revenue will begin to increase over the next few years, and by 2025 reach over 122 billion U.S dollars annually. Beauty Affairs biggest advantage? Its devotion to pleasing customers. The power of the customer cannot be underestimated, especially in a cutthroat industry such as cosmetics. In essence, the customer is what guarantees the company’s survival, and if it can capture their loyalty then it is set for long-term success. Beauty Affairs has been successful in this endeavour, satisfying customers across the globe, and this is reflected in the reviews of the company. Maintaining a five-star rating on Google Reviews and Facebook, the company has clearly cultivated a positive reputation. In one review, Madeline De Neeve stated, ‘The overall experience was absolutely stellar, don’t think it can be better than this.’ Meanwhile, Isabelle Seddon summed Beauty Affairs up as, ‘undeniably superior to the rest.’ Consequently, it is blatant that Beauty Affairs is the premium source for online luxury skincare services, and it has certainly earned the title of Most Innovative Luxury Beauty eTailer 2022. There is no doubt that at Beauty Affairs the customer experience comes first, and that it works to provide an unbeatable experience that is educational, elegant, and efficient. Henceforth, Beauty Affairs has accomplished its mission. Contact: Elly Agronov Company: Beauty Affairs Web: www.beautyaffairs.com.au Whilst Beauty Affairs works to curate the best luxury brands and products all in one place, it also places an enormous emphasis on education – not every skincare product will work for your skin type. Platinum Package Titanium Package Main front cover image & headline 4 page editorial 2 Bespoke trophies 1 Wall plaque Personalised digital logo Personalised digital certificate 8-page digital brochure 100 high quality copies of your 8-page brochure Double Page Spread in future issue of APAC Insider Supporting front cover image & headline Double page spread Bespoke trophy Wall plaque Personalised digital logo Personalised digital certificate 4-page digital brochure 8,595 AUD 4,995 AUD Only 1 available Only 3 available Awards Title Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 Winner! Company Name Awards Title Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 Winner! Company Name Have been named This is to certify that: Company name or company logo Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 Award title Awarded (Month Year) CERTIFICATE Jane Henderson AI Global Media Ltd J Henderson Have been named This is to certify that: Company name or company logo Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 Award title Awarded (Month Year) CERTIFICATE Jane Henderson AI Global Media Ltd J Henderson Most Innovative Luxury Beauty eTailer 2022 ‘Luxury delivers always,’ is themotto that influences every element of BeautyAffairs’ business – from the products it provides, to the way the website operates, the company exudes luxury. Henceforth, customers always come back for more, be it for the excellent customer service or the company’s vast inventory of skincare and cosmetics. Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, and Versace are just a taste of the near epicurean brands that Beauty Affairs prides itself on carrying – therefore, join us as we delve into a world filled with opulence and glamour. What’s your skin type? Combination, dry, or oily? Whatever it may be, Beauty Affairs has the right products for you. From luxury skincare to cosmetics and fragrances, Beauty Affairs boasts an impressive array of products, including Armani perfumes, Elizabeth Arden’s range of premium skincare, and Dior’s opulent cosmetics. Indeed, Beauty Affairs caters to a multitude of clients with a primary focus on upmarket customers. However, the key aim, no matter who the customer is or what their basket includes, is to provide its customers with a true, enhanced beauty affair. Luxury is simply at the heart of Beauty Affairs. From the moment you log in to the site to the moment you check out, each element is optimised, seamless, and glamorous, providing a one-stop online shop for high-end cosmetics and skincare products. Every detail of the customer experience is carefully thought through: shipping is expedited with same-day dispatch for orders placed before 1PMAEDT, orders are carefully wrapped in bespoke tissue-paper and customised packaging, and samples are added to orders to create a top-shelf experience. However, Beauty Affairs understands that these products aren’t within everyone’s budgets – some can’t afford to spend money on products that won’t work for them – therefore, it has created a method that ensures accessibility called Try Before You Buy Upon utilising the skincare analysis tool, the customer has the option to obtain some complimentary skincare pots. The only cost the customer faces is the price of shipping and packaging. For $19.95 AUD clients are provided with three Luxury Mini Jars that contain 2.5gr of the original product – this includes brands such as Dermalogica and SK-II, whose products can reach up to $379.00 AUD. This is perfect for those who want just a little taste of luxury beauty before committing to a full-sized skincare routine, plus incentivises shoppers by allowing them to use that $19.95 against the full-sized products once they’ve decided to make a purchase. Of course, this ties in with the company’s belief that luxury skincare should be personalised, accessible, and, most importantly, effective. Whilst Beauty Affairs works to curate the best luxury brands and products all in one place, it also places an enormous emphasis on education – not every skincare product will work for your skin type. It is vital to choose products that work for your skin. Beauty Affairs has invested a great amount into supplying authentic, science-based education from its global beauty experts, and be it via the blog or the skin analysis, provides a vast amount of information on the best skin care routines for a range of skin types. Jan22686 Additionally, Beauty Affairs truly believes in the products it supplies. Whilst many brands on the market feature the same ingredients, there is nothing quite like the results and experiences that luxury products can create. Using luxury products can guarantee an overall superior experience – not only in the results they can provide, but with the way they feel on the skin, the way they smell, and the way they are capable of brightening a bad mood. The decision to use luxury products is a responsible one, almost always guaranteeing that the product is cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable, and, perhaps more importantly, luxury skincare offers a sensational experience that cannot be foundelsewhere. As the company states, ‘luxury delivers always.’ Home to over 70 brands, Beauty Affairs hosts the best of the best – skincare titans that have become globally renowned for their upmarket ranges and effective products. Elizabeth Arden, for example, is one of the most prestigious and oldest luxury skincare and cosmetics brands on the market. Founded in 1910 as Red Door, the company passed through numerous hands, before being purchased in 2003 by FFI for $225 million USD. It was here that the company gained its iconic name which it acquired from Elizabeth Arden (1881-1966), the founder of the company. In 2016 the company was taken over by Revlon, and at this time it was estimated to have annual gross sales amounting to over $3 billion USD. ElizabethArden’s products have grown to be incredibly popular, particularly in recent years due to the boom in skincare popularity. Numerous products are available on the Beauty Affairs website, including the Elizabeth Arden Prevage® Anti-Aging Daily Serum, the Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum, and the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Youth Restoring Essence. Aside from a plethora of skincare products, BeautyAffairs supplies designer perfumes in abundance. Women’s, men’s, and unisex fragrances are all available through the website, featuring deluxe brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Bulgari, and Yves Saint Laurent. Tom Ford’s Black Orchid also However, the key aim, no matter who the customer is or what their basket includes, is to provide its customers with a true, enhanced beauty affair. May22253195 As one of the world’s leading emerging economies, emboldened by fresh new ideas and a youthful population, Indonesia is home to many companies making waves in the international market. IndonesiaWISE, led by senior strategic advisor, writer, and educator Mr Amol Titus, is one such company, aiding its clients in reaching success through sustainability in all senses of the term, from environmental work to social responsibility efforts and financial management. A principal subsidiary of EmergingWISE, IndonesiaWISE is a critical part of this strategic advisory and management consulting group. Nominally, it was set up in 2008 with WISE as part of its name, alluding to the principles that make up the supporting pillars of the company: Winning, Innovation, Sustainability, and Excellence. These constitute the attitudes that it has been keen to instil in each of its teams since its inception, resulting in a company that is well aligned with the priorities of its clients – both multinational and domestic – and able to serve them in a holistic and effective manner. After all, it recognises that when it comes to sustainability, many emerging markets can feel lost in theweeds trying to navigate the different legislative measures and relevant governing bodies that oversee such things, and thus wishes to support its clients through this and the implementation of practical solutions. Working across the ASEAN market, IndonesiaWISEhasmade itself a pioneer in sustainability capacity development in several different areas. These can be described as follows. Firstly, socialisation and adoption of ESG practices; IndonesiaWISE works hard to help its clients find their region’s environmental, social, and governance practices and incorporate them into their businesses seamlessly, allowing for the resulting enhancement of environmental health and safety standards in line with global standards. Compliance with the social standards of key export markets such as Europe, the USA, and Japan can define whether a company would even be allowed to trade there – ensuring that such antidiscrimination and good working environment practices are strictly implemented will benefit the client’s company in both the short and long term. Impact-driven CSR is also another important element of its consulting work, as the field of education and vocational training is under significant additional pressure thanks to the large market of young people in major ASEAN regions such as Indonesia, where over 60% of the population is under 30 years of age. Thus, corporate social responsibility and incorporating strategies that allow a company to contribute to social health is pivotal. IndonesiaWISE also helps its clients to develop frameworks and competencies in sustainable finance, facilitating critical investments in projects that will see their companies thrive for years to come. By adopting a long term partnership approach it also helps them set up action plans paved with achievable milestones. Moreover, its collaborative measures in tandem with several reputable international stakeholders ensure that its clients have access to an increasingly globalised world, one that allows them to benefit from sustainable tourism as a key driver of local economic growth in key destinations. Its identification of sustainable supply chains, expertise in skills development and university outreach is also second to none, making meaningful experiences in sustainable development that become possible with IndonesiaWISE: Leading Pioneers for Sustainability Capacity Building Initiatives 2022 adequate, sector, and issue focused capacity building, with IndonesiaWISE becoming a pioneer and thought leader. Delivering projects based on its core values of creativity, responsibility, integrity, service, and passion, it looks forward to working in partnership with its clients. From the strategy design phase to the social and alignment phase, the deadline and execution stages, and the final evaluation and flexible adjustments phase, it champions collaboration and teamwork, with initiatives involving everyone regardless of skill level or experience. Nominally, IndonesiaWISE takes pride in being the continuity factor that unites a company and keeps it united, even through the tumult that the pandemic caused for its clients and for it as an entity. Such tumult involved deficits in previously lucrative sectors such asmanufactured exports, tourism and retail. Thus, IndonesiaWISE found itself having to adapt in new and previously unforeseen ways that allowed it to ride out the shock waves rippling through economic powerhouses such as the USA, China, and the EU; despite the hurdles involved, IndonesiaWISE pulled through the challenges with flying colours. Withthecomingdecadesshowing a renewed worldwide focus on sustainable development, IndonesiaWISE forecasts a bright future for itself and its clients. This is even further emboldened by its unique sellingpoint as a company, one that allows it to take a values-oriented and professional approach to a strategic advisory and management consulting service, a far cry from many of its competitors who have recently come under fire for impracticality. Indeed, much of the time, such impracticalities can damage the client that said consulting firms are trying to help by trying to make strategies from developed countries fit a different scale of economy without adequate customization. This, of course, is folly, and not something IndonesiaWISE wishes to indulge. Instead, it adopts and tailor makes its consultation strategies to fit the economic, social, and environmental status of the countries it works within, allowing it to make itself relevant and empathic towards its clients at every turn. Through the partnerships that this enables, it has been able to carve itself a unique nichewithin its industry, and benefit accordingly, allowing it to pay thesebenefits directly forwards onto its micro-SME clients, especially with projects regarding supply chain development and inclusive growth. IndonesiaWISE’s staff have worked hard to cultivate this kind of atmosphere within the business by fighting against greenwashing, only participating in projects where the dedication to environmental betterment is provable and genuine, hiring people who are passionate and enthusiastic to help make its goals a reality. Going forward, IndonesiaWISE looks forward to approaching the future with a renewed vigour, excited to see demand for its services increasing and looking forward to stepping up to fulfil its client’s needs. With inspirational leadership and a collaborative work ethic, the company intends to continue to make significant contributions in the vital area of SDG-linked sustainability capacity building. Company: IndonesiaWISE Contact: Amol Titus Web: www.indonesiawise.com Mr Amol Titus CEO IndonesiaWISE (5th from right) inspiring North Sumatera Sustainable Tourism stakeholders IndonesiaWISE has pioneered ESG capacity building in major manufacturing centers in the country IndonesiaWISE has helped the banking sector develop competencies & frameworks related to Sustainable Finance Youth and gender empowerment continue to be areas of focus in Sustainability Capacity Building effors pioneered by IndonesiaWISE