South East Asia Business Awards 2022

40 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , ASQS has grown into an essential partner when it comes to aviation safety. For over ten years, the teamhave leveraged lifetimes of experience to provide support to aviation operators. The team’s tremendous efforts have been justly appreciated in APAC Insider’s South East Asia Business Awards 2022, so we thought it right to dig a little deeper and understand how they’ve left such an impact on the market. Managing safety is a vital component of how companies in the aviation industry operate, and the team at ASQS are leading the way when it comes to innovation in this field. Since being founded in 2009, the team’s core product IQSMS, which stands for Integrated Quality and Safety Management System, has streamlined processes for aviation operators, allowing them to manage their entire safety relevant data with a single integrated tool. IQSMS supports intuitive reporting, audit and quality management, as well as proactive risk management, providing a pathway to higher productivity, reduced operating costs and the overall optimisation of internal and external working processes. 270 different aviation companies depend on the ten modules that the team have produced to guarantee consistent levels of safety. These companies range from very small to large airlines, business jet and helicopter operators, airports and maintenance organisations. This demonstrates the incredible value of what the team have to offer. Much of the team’s incredible success comes from their commitment to experience, innovation and the ultimate in customer service. All their decisions are designed to serve the needs of their clients as far as possible, using digital transformation and automation of daily tasks as the lynchpin. With a wealth of expertise that is constantly growing and technology that is always improving, the degree of optimisation that is possible becomes ever more obvious. Whilst technology is what the team offers to their customers, it’s actually customer service that is most important to the success of the company. Every customer support agent is not only able to answer questions about the system, but they understand the needs of their clients and can apply their answers directly to their needs. This top service has brought in many new customers who have received recommendations from existing clients. For an SME like ASQS, the South East Asia region offers amazing opportunities. A range of diverse cultures and heterogenic economies, as well as regional differences in regulatory requirements for aviation has created unique demand for the service offered by the company. The team have worked with companies across the region, tapping into a vast network of international organizations and effectively support partners in time zones ranging all the way from New Zealand to the Middle East. The future for ASQS will see them continuing to develop new and exciting modules to support their customers to make safe decisions. For many years, the team have been working on a complete refactoring of one of their core modules which will be released at the start of 2023, standing apart from the rest of what the company offers in terms of design and usability. To match increasing demand for the team’s services, the team is certain to grow over the next few years too, ensuring that the highest level of support is available to partner organisations at all times. The future of the aviation industry is safe in the hands of the team at ASQS, quite literally in fact! Their tenacity and determination have pushed forward a bold new frontier in this vital part of how the sector operates. Their success now has not stunted any of their ambition either, and they continue to push forward into exciting new territory. Company: ASQS Ltd. Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Specialist Quality & Risk Management Software Provider 2022