South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 37 , Set sail for adventure! When exploring options for traveling the high seas, there’s nothing more important than feeling confident in the quality of your ship. The teambehind RAJANG MAJUMARINE INDUSTRIES SDNBHD are leaders in the sector, with their impressive builds renowned internationally. With APAC Insider’s Sout East Asia Business Awards celebrating the brightest and best of the industry, we though it high time to take a closer look at this seafaring success! Based in Sibu, Malaysia, RAJANG MAJU MARINE INDUSTRIES has become one of the major names in shipbuilding, working with clients from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, Australia, UAE, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island and South Africa. For those who are looking for new commercial vessels, this talented team has you covered at all times. Key to the team’s success has been an approach to shipbuilding that prioritises a competitive price but never at the cost of a quality product. Each vessel is made of the highest possible quality, drawing on years of experience in the sector. At every stage, the highest of standards are upheld, with particular care taken when customers offer feedback. Thanks to this clientcentric approach, the team have continued to champion excellence in every respect. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team have encountered unprecedented challenges. Not only has there been political instability, but access to essential raw materials and manpower has been limited. The last two years have seen a massive slowdown on the way in which the team works as production stalled and deliveries were delayed. The Ship Builders of the Year - Malaysia restrictions on how everyone has had to operate has impacted the business greatly. As these restrictions have lifted, however, the team behind RAJANG MAJU MARINE INDUSTRIES have been able to adjust to a new normal. The success of the firm, and its reputation within the industry, has been a key reason behind taking on new projects during 2022. Currently, the company’s order books are full until the first quarter of 2023, a clear demonstration not only of how so many trust the team to deliver, but how hard it can be to take on clients when you’re so popular. Each shipbuilder has its own set of unique skills, but it’s clear that the client focus of RAJANG MAJU MARINE INDUSTRIES is the reason that so many wait for their astonishing services. Looking ahead, the future is bright for this talented team. Their ability to cut a striking path that is always forward looking has ensured that RAJANG MAJU MARINE INDUSTRIES remains at the forefront of nautical adventures. The team’s success in the South East Asia Business Awards is just another triumph in a long line. We can’t wait to see what amazing results they are credited with next. Company: RAJANG MAJU MARINE INDUSTRIES SDN BHD Name: NGIENG HOCK SII Email: [email protected] Web Address: Apr22522