South East Asia Business Awards 2022

36 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , Easy Consulting Sdn Bhd (EASY), part of the PSCHoldings Sdn Bhd group, is aMalaysian entity that accelerates organisations to be future-ready through easy, pragmatic solutions for business sustainability. Its business consulting solutions, focusing on sustainable strategies, performance management, leadership culture and sustainability reporting are designed with its clients inmind – to help them transform intent into action for long-termbusiness impact. In any servicerelated industry, you might have heard that the “customer is always right”. At EASY, it is quite different. Its definition of being customercentric is to ensure that businesses can be successful in the long-term. This means that there will be times where it has to deliver difficult news or insights, and times where it has to drive tough conversations that the client may not immediately be willing to have. The culture at EASY helps to cement the high standards it holds itself to. As a team, it adopts an ethos of mutual respect and honesty, which is brought into its interactions with clients. Managing Consultant at the company, Fu Jia Lik says, “We are constantly evaluating ways to improve and bring value to one another. This creates synergy, develops great relationships and establishes trust, which in turn has a domino effect when we engage externally with our partners.” Additionally, the company adopts a very open and transparent approach towards client service, with Senior Consultant, Evelynn Koo saying, “We welcome challenges and are happy to tackle complex scenarios because that means we are addressing real business issues.” There has been a slow and growing trend towards increased corporate sustainability. Many companies comply to regulatory requirements for sustainability rather than embark on the sustainability journey out of a sense of obligation and business sense. On the supplier side, there are many consultants that have responded to, and specialised in, the environmental and societal sustainable needs, which is great. EASY, however, focuses on the management of business sustainability – how to run your entire business in a holistic manner. Executive Director, Rohan Marshall comments, “We believe, in Malaysia, we are ahead of the curve in this, and we will continue to develop ourselves so that we, and our clients, will be able to blaze the trail that others will willingly follow, even before the law requires them to.” The biggest asset to making the work of EASY possible is its people, who go above and beyond to achieve both the company’s goals and client needs. Not only does EASY strive for client-centricity, but people-centricity as well, always putting the time in to make sure its team are supported, nurtured, and happy. The team learns a lot by getting their hands dirty on the ground, enabling them to understand how they can continuously bring value to the table with their expertise. The aim is to bring tangible results for clients, therefore making business impact a must. Clients experience both the professional skills and innate passion the team has towards this, which assures them that the company is the best fit to meet their organisational needs. Now focused on the future, EASY’s plans centre around sustainability. Businesses need to care about sustainability issues to themselves be sustainable. EASY’s aim is to bring this realisation and the ensuing action to the corporate world, its tagline of “Transforming Intent into Action” reflecting this desire. Fu Jia Lik comments, “All of us, as individuals or organisations, have good intentions. Bringing those intentions to significant initiative and results is what we help with.” EASY’s sustainability mission will be accomplished in two ways. Firstly, by working with organisations that are not committed or are on their journey to commitment. Sustainability is not the easiest concept to grasp and implement effectively in the business world. As long as there is interest and capacity, EASY will work with businesses at any stage of their sustainability journey, meeting them where they are, even if it is just at the preliminary awareness stage. Secondly, it will work with organisations of all types and sizes, whether they be local SMEs, multinationals, ministries, or GLCs (government-linked companies). These are organisations, by virtue of their size, position or visibility, that can accelerate that move towards widespread sustainability awareness and action. It is not always the easiest avenue, but it is effective because of its impact of policy and regulatory frameworks. Company: Easy Consulting Sdn Bhd Contact: Katie Lee Email: [email protected] Website: Most Impactful Management Consulting Firm 2022