South East Asia Business Awards 2022

34 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , We spend somuch of our time at work, so why should it be boring, dull, or uninspiring? This highly respected, five-star business – The Urban Office – is Thailand’s leading homegrown premiumhybridmodel coworking space provider, built with amission to empower startups and SMEs succeed though different stages of growth. Here we look at the work The Urban Office carries out as it wins this excellent accolade. Established in November 2017, The Urban Office has been making a huge difference to the workplace for many businesses across the Bangkok, Thailand. The Urban Office’s flexible workspace solution uniquely integrates advanced customizable enterprise-level IT network infrastructure to power growing demands for fast and secure WIFI connectivity and VOIP Telephony services to enable hybrid working model. With its mindful and intricate design, The Urban Office can transform any space from something drab to something that sparks inspiration and excitement, that incudes shared and open coworking spaces, instant plug & play serviced offices for 1 – 100 pax, virtual offices, meeting rooms, event space, breakout lounges, phone booths, in house café, outdoor terrace, and more. CoFounder & CEO, Trinh Danh, says, “While other players in the industry mainly focus on activitybased designs, The Urban Office goes the extra mile to offer clients the most equipped and versatile workspace solution in the industry.” Not only does The Urban Office work out the best way to design and build a bright and beautiful space, but it also believes that “the way we work has to evolve with our changing lifestyles. A place where not just work happens, but where remarkable people and great ideas find each other. Like all great ideas, it needs time, a dynamic community, and the right agile working environment to optimize people to do their best work.” This has generally stemmed from the influx of hybrid working over the years of the pandemic. Lots of people are coming back from remote working and into a dated office space that needs to be refreshed, updated, and restored entirely. The hybrid working environment means that office spaces are being underutilized and underappreciated – even a burden to some. But with the Urban Office’s technological advancements and integration, it can address the challenge of sustainable hybrid working – so whether you’re working from home or from the office, there’s the correct technical platform to support your work. By using a variety of technological developments, The Urban Office has all of the tools needed to support businesses everywhere. It boasts a myriad of software, tips, and tricks such as: • Fitted with advanced IT network infrastructure to enable companies to host servers and customize their cloud network requirements. • Virtual Office Services, such as virtual communications with softphone capability. • Virtual Team Assistance from live Receptionist phone answering to Virtual Personal Assistant, on demand basis. • Reputable for excellent customer experience with internationally trained team that sets them apart from other players in the industry. • Premium CBD locations easily accessible by public transportations such as BTS, MRT, expressways – and more Hoping to expand around the Southeast Asian region, The Urban Office is beginning to branch out to reach more spaces. For the future, “making work remarkable” for more businesses is The Urban Office’s game plan – it works tirelessly to create the space and work structure for you to excel and advance in your industry. After winning Best Coworking Spaces Provider 2022 – Bangkok, The Urban Office shows no sign of slowing down and we look forward to seeing how it impacts the workplace in the future. Contact: Trinh Danh Company: The Urban Office Web Address: Best Coworking Spaces Provider 2022 - Bangkok