South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 33 , Finding an environmentally driven company that is as exciting as it is diverse is no small task. However, Galerio Environmental Consultancy (GEC) has been introduced to us as a womanled, diversified environmental, engineering, geological, and social management company that was set up to conquer our concerns when it comes to the earth’s resources through business projects. Let’s take a closer look at GEC as its very own Leonila Galerio talks us throughwhat makes it so special. Galerio Environmental Consultancy (GEC) was founded in 2008 by Leonila Galerio. She tells us, “The company is committed and dedicated in providing environmental, engineering, geological and social assistance to both private and public sectors, finding the right balance between technological advancement and preservation on earth’s resources. Sustainability and effective management are key aspects in progress and the company extends and builds partnerships to realize these goals.” As well as its fine work with helping varied industries and businesses to succeed, it also ensures a safe and sustainable environment for the present time and for future generations. GEC achieves successful evaluations of environmental impacts and ensures that the corresponding environmental statements facilitate in the processing of environmental compliance certificates (ECC). This so that both private and public sectors can experience stability for their work. Leonila adds, “The company is engaged in providing strategic and technical assistance from creating pre-feasibility studies and environmental management plans, to environmental permitting applications, varying Environmental Consultancy of the Year - Philippines pollution assessments, and compliance reporting needed to conform in the conditions provided by the DENR.” Not only does GEC guarantee a more sustainable future, but it also promises to make an impact on the world we currently live in – by practicing customized, practical, and accessible approaches, GEC knows how to handle projects that may be carried out to allow our advancement. For example, GEC’s clients employ its services to benefit and develop their projects; GEC’s clients can focus on what they are building or carrying out – whilst letting GEC deal with the sustainability aspects. As its clients are the experts in their fields, GEC stays the expert in its own right, meaning that each client can feel the freedom of expressing themselves through their work whilst GEC handles the rest. “The company is well known for its geological and engineering studies and assessments such as conducting of electrical resistivity surveys, flood mapping & hydraulic analysis, borehole and auger drilling, Standard Penetration Test (SPT), hydrographic and river surveying,” Leonila enthuses. Some clients need guidance when it comes to environmental issues, and they don’t usually know where to start. This is where GEC comes in – its expert nature and team of seasoned professionals help its clients’ businesses to grow stronger and more agile. When it comes to its unique selling points, Leonila shares, “Strategically located at the Southern Island of the Philippines, the firm has been an attractive name being considered in the major pre-development studies and assessments in the Philippines, especially throughout the Mindanao area. The company faces major and minor projects with the same level of competency and satisfactory, by employing effective communication with the client, ensuring organized management planning, and proficient project deliverables.” It is this sort of attitude that has gotten it this far. By staying professional and informed, GEC provides only the best for each project it works on. As stated on its website, GEC continues to “develop a comprehensive land use plan, prepare coastal management zoning, conduct environmental planning and study, process land-use conversion, process foreshore lease, conduct baseline study, prepare socioeconomic study, prepare resettlement action plan, provide advice on environmental, health, safety and risks, conduct environmental trainings and seminars, facilitate in project implementation, conduct geotechnical study and structural analysis study, and provide technical support on solar design and installation.” For the foreseeable future, GEC plans on taking things “one step at a time, focusing on every single projects and deliverables in order to consistently provide the quality report and materials expected from us. The firm plans to expand to cover more services especially in the field of engineering and sciences, with the same quality standard of deliverables. We plan to make project development easier and convenient to every single one of our local and international clients,” says Leonila. It is this sort of passion and pace that has quickly led it down the path of wild success. Contact: Leonila P. Galerio Company: Galerio Environmental Consultancy Web Address: Apr22218