South East Asia Business Awards 2022

32 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , Finding and developing your own teamof developers doesn’t need to be a problem. INSCALE is an intelligent, innovative, and simply irreplaceable alternative to employing your own developers. From industry to industry, INSCALEworks with businesses of all sizes – for the expansion and evolution of their values, goals, and achievements. Here we talk to Vice President of Sales andMarketing, NielsWohlk, as INSCALEwins this enviable award. Founded in Kuala Lumpur in 2006, INSCALE has swiftly become a fine example in its industry. With over 550 software developers, and being present in four countries, INSCALE works with all kinds of clients from software product development companies, that are relatively small, to mediumsized companies that are looking to keep being progressive and current. Working with a few enterprises within fintech, banking, insurance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more, INSCALE stays true to its values no matter the size of the business. INSCALE’s alternative solution to core software entails building bespoke software teams that allow businesses to grow even more than they could have even imagined. Going above and beyond for its clients, INSCALE crafts a relationship between itself and its clients – for long-term partnerships – by supporting them in building and operating their teams. This seamless interaction guarantees success every time and, as INSCALE knows, produces a better environment for their clients’ clients. INSCALE always strives to stay true to its four core values: community, craftsmanship, contribution, and collaboration. By merging and teaching talents, INSCALE has progressed at a very fast rate – and, with no signs of slowing down, it plans on keeping it that way. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Niels Wohlk, says “By being true to our mission and values we have seen clients like the Swedish bank, SEB reference us as “a very professional partner”. Our methods and processes are well thought out and ensures that administrative tasks, offices, HR and headhunting run smoothly, so that they can focus on delivery. The honest, open collaboration with our clients in a Scandinavian environment seems to do the trick.” The internal culture of the team is of cooperation, connection, and lots of care. Niels enthuses, “Firstly, we offer our employees an international experience, collaborative working environment and opportunities for developers to stay in technical shape. Our employees are the epitome of our success. Our clients trust us to be part of their development team to help them stay competitive by challenging them, thinking ahead and understanding their business to develop solutions. We search for employees who are doers, have an autonomic approach and actually want to shape their own future in collaboration with their colleagues.” It is this kind of pride that is the lifeblood of the business – flowing through the creative yet structured veins of the company, passion is consistently present in each one of the teams. Niels tells us, “We are upscaling our recruitment and sales staff to accommodate increased requests from Australia and New Zealand. Both countries have traditionally had their eyes on the likes of Vietnam and the Philippines. We also see an increased demand from the European time-zone due to the sad situation in Ukraine. We will most likely extend our reach further by opening probably two new offices in Europe and APAC.” INSCALE is always searching for ways to make a difference to the businesses it aids, and it is consistently raising the bar with its attitude, expertise, and drive. We are proud to present INSCALE with the accolade of Best Alternative Outsourcing Provider – APAC and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for it. Contact: Niels Wohlk Company: INSCALE A/S Web Address Best Alternative Outsourcing Provider - APAC