South East Asia Business Awards 2022

30 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , TRIRECHolding Pte Ltd was launched when two serial investors, Melvyn Yeo and Lawrence Wu, who believed in a green future where financial returns and the planet flourish in harmony, set up an investment vehicle to help address the funding gap in the clean energy sectors. Fast forward seven years to today and TRIREC is deploying smart capital out of its second pool of capital and has invested in 18 portfolio companies globally. The founders now see what they do as more than just providing a platform for investment, but one that has a higher purpose to what they do. TRIREC sets out to create a carbon-conscious world by backing mission-driven founders with innovative technologies, sitting on the frontier of decarbonisation. Throughout the years, the company’s track record has proven that purpose and profit can reinforce each other, creating a virtuous cycle of growth and impact. Founder of the company, Melvyn Yeo says, “We strongly believe that decarbonisation is the largest investment opportunity in the coming decade. With the costs of climate change becoming more visible, governments and institutions alike have announced efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and even pledging net zero by a certain period. “Getting behind and staying laser focused on a decarbonisation mission hits the nail on the head. Through our years of exposure and hands-on involvement in climate tech, we strongly believe that this precise definition of our investment mandate is necessary to achieve the desired impact to drive investment performance and the climate change agenda.” With decades of investing experience, portfolio selection continues to be one of the unique positions to TRIREC’s stakeholders, a proposition that leans on its entrepreneurial DNA. Having invested in 18 portfolio companies globally since 2015, it has already witnessed three companies obtain unicorn status, paving the way for more to follow. The companies TRIREC has backed are the best illustration of what it envisions to be a green future for following generations. The TRIREC team are entrepreneurial at heart, collaborative in nature, guided by integrity, and driven to succeed. This culture exudes throughout the organisation, floating down the ranks from partners through to analysts, with critical and diverse perspectives being promoted in discussions about investment opportunities. TRIREC is led by a group of partners who have different but specialised focus areas of excellence, each pursuing deals in their respective fields, making investments and sitting on boards, and spending their most difficult hours tackling problems at portfolio companies. While it may seem like amalgamations of different contributors, the team makes it a conscious effort to represent the company as a collective and act on the shared mission and values. More recently, the firm underwent a corporate rebranding exercise to denote its entrepreneurial and innovative spirits to be even stronger in its collaterals. The aim was to clearly position what TRIREC authentically is and what it wants to become. It was important that the new approach maintained a sense of continuity for institutional investors while also communicating a refreshed ethos. Melvyn explains, “As a team, we sat through rounds of brainstorming to create an identity that leveraged the core values and strategy of the fund while signalling a reinvigorated team. It helped define and hone our vision into a crisp, concise brand language system that’s built to solidify our position in the industry.” Now focused on the future, TRIREC has its sights set on the next decade, where it hopes to be recognised as a global leading investment organisation in the area of decarbonisation/ climate change, with global offices in the US, China, and possibly Europe. It also intends to manage more than $1 billion in AUM across its various funds; nurture and mentor the next generation of leadership; and launch a foundation to advance its collective intentions to society. Within the next 3 to 5 years, it plans to set up a second, third, or fourth fund. But before that, it will this year launch its new corporate logo and website to strengthen its branding and market position; close its first fund of $75 million as a newly licensed fund management team; and last but certainly not least, expand its team. Company: TRIREC Holding Pte Ltd Contact: Phyllis Kew Email: [email protected] Website: Best CleanTech Investment Company 2022 Founders Melvyn Yeo (L) and Lawrence Wu (R)