South East Asia Business Awards 2022

26 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , Leading the Indonesian dye and chemical industry, KanmochemDyestuffs & Chemicals has garnered a reputation for being a high-quality, professional, and creative supplier. It offers a unique take on the industry, taking an innovative approach to creation and, ultimately, customer service. Going forwards, the company hopes to boost its position in the market and further expand its range. PT Kanmochem Warna Abadi – better known as Kanmochem Dyestuffs & Chemicals – operates under the K. Aloomal Group. It boasts a subsidiary, PT. Kanmochem Royal Indo, and a vast reach across Indonesia. Henceforth, the company has established itself as one of Indonesia’s leading providers of highquality dyes and chemicals to the textile and food industries, with clients ranging from textile manufacturers and batik makers to food processing companies and more. With Kanmochem, quality comes first. Client-centricity serves as the fundamental value upon which the company has been built, it serves as Kanmochem’s core objective, for which it endeavours to cultivate exceptional client relationships. Its products, for example, go through extensive checks to ensure that they align with the company’s high standards and meet customer demands. Moreover, Kanmochem embraces the philosophy that the ‘customer is always right,’ therefore, it strives to exceed its customers’ expectations through cultivating a strong rapport between its clients and its marketing team. This devotion is supported by the company’s internal structure. The company regularly places its employees in training programmes to keep them informed about the industry’s trends and to give them the resources to further their personal and professional development. Kanmochem practices innovation, infusing it within each aspect of the business. Consequently, it has designed a workforce that blossoms when given the opportunity to be creative – they are motivated, professional, and imaginative. Creativity is greatly valued by the company – it is a trait that Kanmochem seeks out when hiring new recruits, as not only does this allow for innovation, but it also means that the recruit will fit into the company’s structure. At the forefront of the business are Mr. Ramesh Bharwani and Mr. Neeraj Ramesh Bharwani, the directors of Kanmochem with the latter being the founder of its subsidiary company Kanmochem Royal Indo. The company credits Mr. Neeraj Bharwani with a significant portion of its success, stating that he has brought new dynamics and energy into the operations of the company. The Northeastern University alum’s relentless effort and managerial skills have bolstered the company’s position in the market – particularly, the company comments, over the past year. This is particularly impressive as the Covid-19 pandemic has been continuing to create barriers for the industry. Kanmochem also acknowledges the endeavours of Mr. Anton Johanes, the Marketing Director and Mr. A. K. Sankaran, the Finance Director who have over the years used their skill and expertise to improve the company’s performance. Lastly, the story of Kanmochem is incomplete without appreciating the relentless effort and support of the group’s chairman Mr. Ramchand A. Bharwani, board members; Mr. Bhagwan R. Bharwani and Mr. Manoj R. Bharwani who over the years have together been the foundation on which the company strives. Covid-19 and its subsequent lockdowns and restrictions had a monumental impact on the dye and chemical industries, resulting in numerous companies having to temporarily close their doors. For Kanmochem, the pandemic compelled the company to devise technology that would allow for approximately 60% of its team to work remotely. The health and safety of its team was the company’s main priority during this period. In addition, the company revised its order and supply chain system in order to meet the changing market situation – this was an unexpected positive, as it created an unexpected opportunity to reach more clients at a reduced cost. The pandemic’s wrath has been felt over the past year, having adversely impacted sales and customer intake. It is with this firmly in mind that Kanmochem has altered its sales and marketing strategies in an attempt to maintain a certain minimum sales quantity and continue to increase its relevance in the market. In turn, the company utilises flexible solutions that are subject to change depending upon the current state of the market situation. Kanmochem will continue to utilise such strategies over the course of 2022, through which it expects to boost its market share in the industry, transgressing the aftershocks of Covid-19. Furthermore, the company plans to expand upon its already vast range and its portfolio, it endeavours to do this by exploring new dyes and chemicals. Contact: Neeraj Ramesh Bharwani Company: PT Kanmochem Warna Abadi Web Address: Best Specialty Dyes & Chemicals Supplier 2022 - Indonesia