South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 25 , What’s the best investment you canmake in your business? The obvious answer is: in your people. By empowering them to work smarter andmore efficiently, you’ll receive better results. The teamat PEPWorldwide Asiamade their name in increasing productivity and significantly enhancing a company’s performance. In APAC Insider’s South East Asia Business Awards 2022, the teamwas recognised for their success. We dig a little deeper to find out more. PEPWorldwide Asia is a consultancy that always puts productivity first. With programmes, services, and interventions tailored and customised to the needs and objectives of each client, the firm focuses exclusively on making sure that the people who make a business into a success have the resources to thrive and flourish. There are numerous multinational corporations that have benefitted from the work the PEPWorldwide Asia team does. The team’s approach uses the latest scientific developments when creating the bespoke methodologies that define their success. The result? Programs and interventions that make a real, and discernible difference to the way in which organisations run. Some of the clients that the PEPWorldwide Asia team serve are amongst the world’s most valuable and fastest growing. They depend on the expertise of this team to push them to the next level. With no two companies being the same, there is no one-sizefits-all solution to productivity either. The PEPWorldwide Asia team have adopted a variety of flexible and customizable delivery options which enables Most Innovative Learning & Development Consultancy 2022 them to be as agile as is required. Constant investment in platforms, mediums, and technology also go a long way to ensuring that the firm is at its competitive best when compared to the competition. Given the nature of PEPWorldwide Asia, it’ll come as little surprise that the team are constantly investing in their own employees. There are numerous opportunities to learn on the job and to grow within the business. What truly sets this team apart is the incredible amount of formal training that is committed to them. This is fundamentally built into the structure of the organisation to empower people to achieve the best possible results. This desire to see people succeed is also why the firm offers a flexible working environment. The team at PEPWorldwide Asia are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their work, KPIs and performance. It is this area that struck the judges as being exceptional and worked to differentiate the company from any competitors in the region, market and industry. Ultimately, there is no organisation that grows by accident, and the best businesses build in a degree of leadership grooming and succession planning. This must have significant support from robust talent development and management frameworks. Some companies are ahead of the game in this regard, but the team at PEPWorldwide Asia know how important it is to support those businesses which are playing catch-up. The need to prepare for the world of tomorrow has also seen the team develop its online and hybrid delivery capabilities and mobile technologies. With these advanced systems playing an increasingly important role in businesses around the world, it’s vital that PEPWorldwide Asia moves ahead of the competition. After all, innovations move quickly, and scalability remains at the forefront as crucial considerations. Infrastructure must be agile and dynamic – all in all, any company must remain focused on the unknowable future. From within and without. The team is the constant, and their skills and expertise remain crucial to overcoming whatever comes down the path. All in all, the success of PEPWorldwide Asia in APAC Insider’s South East Asia Business Awards is a credit to the team. President and Chief Consultant, Angeline V. Teo, commented “We are proud to once again receive an award at the Southeast Asia Business Awards. This win is a testament to the excellence and innovation embedded within our services and solutions, and we are truly humbled to be recognised for our work within this diverse and dynamic region. We gratefully thank all our partners, clients, and associates for this win, for it is through our work with them that we were given the chance and opportunity to peak everyone’s performance!” With such a positive perspective from the top of the company, we cannot wait to see what the team does next. Company: PEPWorldwide Asia Name: Angeline V. Teo, President & Chief Consultant Email: communications@ Web Address: May22155