South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 23 , Apr22220 MG Pacific Company Limited is a company that produces and sells premiumpaper-based products. Based in PhnomPenh, Cambodia, the company has cultivated a large clientele, with some of its clients stemming fromoverseas. In 2022, the company is gearing up for further expansion. Socheat Taing boasts years of experience working in highpressure business management positions for some of Cambodia’s largest companies – including ATech Group Co., Ltd., Cambodia’s leading IT systems integrator and business solutions provider. Educated at the prestigious National University of Management, Phnom Penh, Socheat boasts a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, and a subsequent master’s degree in Business Administration. It was during this time that Socheat gained the skills that would propel him to success. Indeed, in 2013, Socheat began selling mountings for televisions in the capital and its surrounding provinces as a part-time job, which benefitted greatly from his skills in information technology and business development. Henceforth, in 2015, when MG Pacific Company Limited had acquired enough capital and confidence, the company expanded. This expansion was bolstered by the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community, which offers opportunities in a market of over 600 million people and 2.3 trillion USD. As such, the company elevated itself to a high level of success, and in 2017 MG Pacific Company Limited became a private limited company. MG Pacific Company Limited sells a wide variety of products, including facial tissues, toilet tissues, printing paper, and stationery. It has established itself as a leading distributor of paper and FMCG products. As of 2022, MG Pacific Company Limited has cultivated an audience of over 38,287 Facebook likes and 40,189 followers – and its platform is growing rapidly. Within the next three years, MG Pacific Company Limited believes that it will be a multimillion-capital company. Consequently, it is the company’s mission that drives it towards this goal. MG Pacific Company Limited hopes to provide premium quality goods and services to its customers – it also endeavours to be the partner of choice for investors. Therefore, by providing these high-quality products, MG Pacific Company Limited has fulfilled this mission. This is abundantly clear through its recognition by the ASEAN Business Awards 2020, for which it won Country Star of the Year in Hanoi, Vietnam. The company was also recognised by the CSR Awards presented by European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia 2021. The company took off during an explosive time for the industry – during its conception, it sold approximately one tonne of paper products per month. Over the past year, this number grew to over 40 tonnes per month, with numbers regularly exceeding 50 tonnes. This upwards trend is attributed to the growing demand for paper products – particularly tissue paper and toilet rolls. Further, this is thanks to the growing urbanisation of the area, growing hygienic awareness, and rising disposable incomes. This trend, as time goes on, is expected to continue. Subsequently, MG Pacific Company Limited is looking to optimise its business. Many of its products are imported, with over 90% of its raw materials coming from China and Indonesia, which is an element that the company hopes to change. Socheat is working towards the building of a production plant that will produce all of the company’s products – in order to bring this plan to life, Socheat is searching for investors. Contact: Socheat Taing Company: MG Pacific Company Limited Web Address: Most Innovative PaperBased FMCG SME 2022