South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 21 , Apr22217 For over a decade, Juth Studio has been creating exceptional data-supported designs for businesses around the world. Under the Independent Muffin Limited Partnership umbrella, the company has been able to excel further, leaping to a new level of success. Opening its doors in 2009, Juth Studio provides premium corporate identity design, packaging design, website and application design and development, and digital marketing strategy implementation. In a nutshell, Juth Studio produces designs specific to the needs of its customers. Nine years later, alongside A Cuppa Academy and Digital Black Knight, the three enterprises were consolidated and incorporated under the name of Independent Muffin Limited Partnership. Indeed, the company caters to Thai start-ups, family business, small and medium enterprises, and large corporations. For such clients, Juth Studio provides design, development, and consultation services that are supported by years of expertise. ‘You have chosen to work with the devil, so beware! You may be left behind if there is too much hassle,’ serves as Juth Studio’s motto, taking a humorous approach to advertising its services. The motto alludes to Juth Studio’s efforts to deliver the best possible solutions within a reasonable budget to its customers. Moreover, it emphasises the client-centric nature of Juth Studio – the company strives to communicate and cooperate with its clients in order to empathise with their wants, define their pain points and needs, and cultivate solutions to such issues. From there, the company begins to work on prototyping and testing the concept with the client’s target audience. Juth Studio does this as it hopes to guarantee efficacy – the design needs to generate a return on the investment and meet the client’s goals. In addition, to maintain these high standards, the company utilises data-driven solutions based on information gathered from customers and their audiences. ‘I believe digital as usual, has changed the way brands communicate with their customers, moving more toward digital platforms, we are always ensuring that our designs are visible across all digital platforms with the guideline for our customers to use the design in different contexts,’ writes Juthamas Vadhanapanich, the company’s leader. She continues, ‘social media marketing is changing the way brands reach their customers in South East Asia and the world, not just Facebook, but also other social medias and many new platforms to come.’ As such, the company not only maintains a wealth of supporting data and exquisite designs, but it also has a great awareness of the industry’s top trends. Juth Studio works on a global scale; however, it benefits greatly from its location in Thailand. Southeast Asia boasts the seventh largest market in the world, which has resulted in high potential for start-ups and new businesses. Moreover, Thailand has a large number of employees with exceptional programming and designing skills that are needed to support Thailand 4.0, a government policy built to induce growth over the course of 20 years. In turn, there are a variety of opportunities and trends available upon which Juth Studio can build a successful international business. Contrasting this, the Covid-19 pandemic proved to be a challenge. Juthamas states, ‘In my opinion, Covid-19 can be considered as both an opportunity and challenge. Opportunities as many companies have been forced to adopt digital solutions within a short period of time, which seems very good for our business. However, it is also challenges us to deliver our service as fast as they want under the pressure of lock down, and it has been difficult to communicate and collaborate with our customers as per our usual workflows changing from in person to online.’ The company’s future does, however, look bright. Home to a team of enthusiastic and experienced designers, marketers, consultants, and developers, Juth Studio is equipped to navigate any challenge that comes its way. Additionally, it has a range of plans in the works, which will further secure the company’s success. Growth is the company’s primary goal – which, if last year’s acquisition of the Iron A’Design Award is any indication, is heading in the right direction. Contact: Juthamas Vadhanapanich Company: Independent Muffin Limited Partnership - Juth Studio Web Address: Best UX/UI Design Studio 2022 - Thailand