South East Asia Business Awards 2022

20 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , Best B2B SaaS Solutions Provider 2022 ZWIZ.AI is quickly expanding throughout Southeast Asia, becoming one of the most popular AI chatbot software providers. An official partner of Facebook, it is abundantly clear that the company is speeding towards success, as it already offers its services to over 50,000 businesses. For years AI chatbots have been used by companies around the world in order to drive engagement with customers, answer queries, and automate sales processes. However, since their initial development, technology has evolved greatly, meaning that many AI chatbots are slow, outdated, and inefficient. There is a solution. A new wave of AI chatbots are on the horizon, and with them, they are bringing innovative software. At the forefront of this movement is ZWIZ.AI. ZWIZ.AI was founded in 2017 by a group of IT Professionals, that specialise in AI and Chatbots, in Thailand. The software offers a fresh take on chatbot technology, supplying AI chatbot and analytics software that aid SMEs and large enterprises to automate digital conversations, streamline sales, and analyse data. Thanks to its advanced AI capabilities, ZWIZ.AI can work around the clock, answering questions in real time. Consequently, over the past five years, the technology has been implemented on the messaging channels (e.g., Facebook Messenger, LINE messenger, Instagram Direct Messages) of more than 50,000 businesses, in turn helping more than 20 million users and amassing a staggering 200 million replies. Moreover, the company works to supply its clients with not only an excellent product, but also a high-quality service. The ZWIZ. AI team endeavour to provide each client with empathy, as they truly understand that using new technology can be complicated. Many of its clients are farmers, small restaurants, and small groceries shops that would like to learn more about how chatbots or chat commerce software can help their businesses. Henceforth, the company offers a range of courses that educate clients as to how the technology is used, its benefits, and how to troubleshoot issues. This has been made possible by the team’s expansion – since its founding it has grown from a team of three friends to a team of over 30 people. As such, the company has cultivated a workforce of dedicated, highly-qualified, and talented people, who respect both their teammates and clients. They are devoted to learning, pushing themselves to constantly boost their skillset. Of course, in an industry that is ever-changing, it is important that skills and knowledge are up to date. The company notes that the Thai social and chat commerce industries have grown exponentially in recent times, mirroring the similar explosion in popularity for ecommerce marketplaces. It is with this firmly in mind that ZWIZ.AI strives to be different – it wants to be a ‘one-stop service that helps SMEs and large businesses, from selling to automating chat and sales.’ In turn, ZWIZ.AI now operates as a software suite with inventory management, order management, analytics software, ads and marketing tools, and automation capabilities that can be connected to business accounts. As an official Thai Facebook and LINE partner, it is clear that ZWIZ.AI has a bright future ahead. One filled with prestige. Therefore, over the next year, the company will be continuing to research and implement advanced technologies in the hopes that it will further the ZWIZ.AI technology. In addition, the company will be preparing itself for expansion throughout Southeast Asia, where it already boasts a handful of clients in Laos and Malaysia. Contact: Chanakarn Chinchatchawal Company: Robolingo Co., Ltd. (ZWIZ.AI) Web Address: Apr22192