South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 19 Best External Architecture Products Supply & Installation Company - Malaysia that its clients have come to expect. Regarding its site management team service, its company operates and manages the site installation work with standardised operational procedures for how its team manage, increasing efficiency and decreasing the risk of human mistakes and the resulting negligence that can occur. In short, it helps make sure that construction sites are safe, efficient, and ready. Progression, site obstructions, and site completion is all recorded and submitted to the client for inspection and overview as it goes about its work, showing how it keeps the client as the beating heart of its work from the very start. MNS WORK also concerns itself with the provision of information through meetings both on sectional completion of site elements and when site obstructions are encountered, ensuring that each meeting is attended by the site manager and at least one site coordinator to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Moreover, the MNS WORK Site Safety Supervisor will be present on site to host a safety toolbox meeting with the skilled workers who will be operating on the site. In addition, its dedication to great quality is visible in its quantity surveying service, a solution that guides clients through the construction period to extract and check project specifications. This gives the project the best possible chance for success as a client can rest assured that their information regarding their assets – from the architecture and construction drawings to the bills of quantity, site study photos, and price quotes – is correct. The site visits conducted as a part of this service are conducted by the Site Engineer proper to evaluate the difficulty of the site works arrangements, installation duration, costing, and more. Thus, the benefits to quantity surveying can be found in how much specialist industry knowledge and product knowledge the professionals include in their work, ensuring that quotes are on-the-money accurate; and – in cases where its clients’ require this service – it will provide it to the utmost project and engineering standards, with full BOQ, budget estimation, and product value engineering. With its production and product quality assurance, a client can also expect excellence, especially with the level of operational acumen and management that makes up its standard operational procedure. Keeping things standardised keeps them dependable, with a result that is reliably outstanding for every client and able to minimise error, optimise production, and led by people with over 30 years of experience in factory work and fabrication. Moreover, it has made the most of third party machine expertise in order to keep itself competitive in this field. Following this, its sourcing and purchasing also requires a specific mention. At MNS WORK, it boasts a few of the best suppliers in the business, with a great many partners and friends all over the industry who are reliable older manufacturers and traditionally dependable companies. Additionally, it also works with the new, fresh blood in the sector, ensuring that it and its business never stagnates, as it is forever striving to bring on board new ideas and listen to those with incredible new innovations that will better the fabrication industry in the macro scale. This is a big part of what has also made its drafting and engineering services so top of the class, with its high-quality CAD drawings that use top-of-the-line technologies ensuring that every little detail is perfect, and will create an exemplary end result. Having completed more than 100 projects over 8 years, its sleek, effective, and forward-thinking efforts promise to keep propelling it towards further success, and it is excited to see where it can take this in the future. Company: MNS WORK Contact: Benson Tan Website: