South East Asia Business Awards 2022

18 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , MNS WORK is a private company, one that has climbed to the top of the industry in steelworks, glass, and aluminium, creating some of the best products that add to a client’s home. From outer façades to louvers, composite panels, curtain walls, shopfronts, windows, doors, skylights, railings, ceiling, cladding, and even fencing, it has been actively involved in all manner of constructions and development works that have propelled it to the forefront of its sector. Having worked on projects in Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, and Johor Bharu, it has contributed to projects all over Malaysia with key contractors such as WCT Construction, Sunway Construction, TTDI, Tan and Tan Developments, AMalaysian company that has made a name for itself both in its home nation and all over the world, MNSWORK has built its notoriety in being a partner to construction companies and projects alike. Ensuring that sites are safe, that inventory is properly considered, and that workers are properly briefed, its empathic and customer-focusedmindset has vastly endeared it to all manner of different companies. Moreover, with such standardised working processes, it ensures that a client can reliably expect the same level of incredible quality every time. Huges Development, and even international firms like Mulia Property Development, SsangYong Engineering & Construction and Mi Nest Development. Currently, it is in possession of a CIDB G7 construction license and is a registered company with that governing body, allowing clients to have an idea of the kind of oversight it implements into itself. After all, standards are something that MNS WORK has strived hard to maintain, and to set up right from the very beginning as one of its foremost concerns; the other foremost principle being the concept of belief in the team, the client, and the wider industry. Fostering this sense of togetherness and collaboration has secured it friends and partnerships all over the professional world and in its target market, both within Malaysia and all over the world. This has earned it a reputation of keeping all the promises it makes and sticking by a client from the initial phone call all the way to project completion. This is all part of the MNS WORK Commitment to stress-free customer service. Alleviating any concerns or worries that a client may have, MNS WORK takes great pride in meeting them on an empathic and understanding level, with each of its team members being charismatic and highly emotionally intelligent people with an in-depth knowledge of how to resolve client qualms. Mulia, SsangYong, Sunway, Sime Darby, and many more construction and building experts can testify about its expertise, and indeed, have done so in the past, with many of its new customers being earned from the word-of-mouth referrals that past customers give. Moreover, regarding its specific services, it can handle everything from site management team service to quantity surveying, production and product quality assurance, sourcing and purchasing, and even drafting and engineering, all with the usual MNS WORK excellence Apr22422 Best External Architecture Products Supply & Installation Company - Malaysia