South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 17 Best Tech Outsourcing & Consultancy Firm - Vietnam supplying excellent digital services to clients across the nation. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a driving force behind this trend, pushing companies both large and small to explore digitisation. Whilst the crisis had a monumental impact on businesses across the globe, Tego Global saw this increasing demand for digitisation as a way to leverage success. In spite of the challenges the pandemic provided, Tego Global viewed this as the perfect time to cultivate relationships with overseas partners. Consequently, these aforementioned factors have secured the company an abundance of success that will carry it through the upcoming year. 2022 will see multiple of Tego Global’s plans come into fruition, including a blockchainoriented project. Man Vo Minh writes, ‘we forecast Blockchain technology will have tremendous applications in different fields in the coming years. We have started to warm up some big projects to stay ahead of the market in years to come.’ One such project comes in the form of an internal blockchain project in beta called Coder Hub, through which its staff will experience life in cyberspace. People in this project can socialize, exchange, and trade value items to get back tokens with real value. The company hopes to release a public version within the next couple of years. Manifesting in 2022 is Coder House, which will bring coders from across Vietnam together in one relaxing community hub. Contact: Le Thanh Vu (Mr.) – Sales Director Email: [email protected] Phone: +84 38 730 6060 Company: Tego Global., JSC Web Address: