South East Asia Business Awards 2022

16 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , Headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Tego Global is a technology business that has been providing advanced IT solutions since 2015. A leader within the industry, the company has come far since its humble beginnings. Seven years after its establishment, Tego Global maintains a team of over 100 highly-skilled, well-trained IT engineers, a diverse range of services, and a 98% customer satisfaction rate. Indeed, thanks to the company’s team, transparent processes, and streamlined scheduling, it has created and retained long-term relationships with its valued clients. The company provides a plethora of services to clients across a multitude of industries, including web app development, mobile app development, software development, eCommerce solutions, and more. Such solutions contribute to the optimisation and streamlining of its clients’ businesses and can be tailored to the client’s needs, requirements, and goals. These clients may be in the banking and finance, health and beauty, insurance, social networking, food and beverage, or education sectors – Tego Global’s clientele is not subscribed to one set field. Excellent customer experiences lie at the epicentre of the business. Tego Global strives to provide each client with an unbeatable service that is filled Tego Global is a recognisable face within Vietnam’s tech outsourcing and consulting industry. Having worked withmany prestigious clients, the company has garnered a reputation for excellence, boasting an impressive customer satisfaction rate. Join us as we explore the company’s success. Best Tech Outsourcing & Consultancy Firm - Vietnam with cooperation, effective communication, and efficacy. In order to ensure that this high standard is maintained, the company organises regular training sessions led by experts in the industry to provide its engineers with the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and constantly upskill. Moreover, Tego Global utilises an agile methodology, which enables the company to have greater control and complete projects within the given project constraints. Henceforth, this is an integral part of the company’s internal culture. Speaking on the company’s behalf, Man Vo Minh (CEO of Tego Global) comments, ‘information technology is one of the professions in which software engineers are always facing a lot of stress, leading to low performance/outcome. At Tego Global, we focus on creating a comfortable working atmosphere where our staff can feel the freedom to be creative, interact with others, and express themselves with no limitations.’ Bolstering the success of Tego Global’s internal culture further is its devotion to uniting its team – it holds weekly internal activities and outside activities every two months, with a focus on team building. In an industry that is rapidly changing, this is an enormous benefit. Man Vo Minh confirms, ‘one of the key factors we are confident ourselves is we possess a team of talented IT engineers in different industries who can combine their IT ability with knowledge backgrounds to solve problems fast.’ Additionally, Tego Global has carved out its own niche thanks to its flexibility in terms of time zones has enabled the business to exceed the confinements of location. Having resolved the issues with having a global clientele, the company is equipped to provide expert solutions to clients no matter where they are in the world. Finally, 24/7 support, especially “rush” projects, are a fundamental element within Tego Global’s retention of customers. Over the past year, the IT industry has been undergoing many rapid changes – especially in terms of digitisation. ‘In Vietnam, digital transformation is of extreme concern to the government. Vietnam recently approved the National Digital Transformation Programme by 2025, with an orientation towards 2030,’ adds Man Vo Minh. Tego Global is a key participant within this movement and plans to aid the country’s development by May22104