South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 15 Best Environmental Impact Business 2022 - Indonesia conserved without the companies that rely on said resources losing out. Human life, in essence, is directly related to the health of the world around us, after all. Therefore, it is the PT TOM goal to never let its market forget how much this is the case, championing a mindset of using human ingenuity to serve not just humans, but the denizens of the wider world too, by ensuring that the environment is better preserved going forward. Coconut charcoal’s reputation as a green themed option for combustion includes the ability to make use of the shells of agricultural products. The use of such materials effectively does two things for the green movement. Firstly, it ensures that waste is recycled in a way that means it can serve an additional purpose after the original one has been served, and secondly, it preserves another precious resource by substituting in something that is far more readily available. Having received an award for excellence in its home nation of Indonesia in 2019, as well as an award for creativity in business, its new methods of environmental problem solving are becoming more and more well known across the waste product sector, with a multitude of big names reaching out to it regularly for partnership. With its specialisms being hookah and BBQ specifically, the briquettes that come out of the coconut shell material are of a quality that PT TOM is always proud to deliver on. Nominally, before a batch even leaves the production facility, it will have undergone rigorous testing, with each employee along the chain of production conducting quality assurance as they go in order to keep things to the highest of standards. These standards – of course – pertain to customer satisfaction as much as they do to environmental sustainability. Being an independent company, it takes great pride in having been able to define these standards according to what its clients and governing bodies wish to see, turning quality and commitment into measurable paradigms through which it can track its progress, and act on feedback. After all, with its growing popularity in the shisha and waterpipe market, customer opinion is a crucial part of the process. Shisha, waterpipe, and hookah as a market is a relatively small industry, but it is one that is growing day by day, granting customers the following unique advantages that coconut charcoal gives over its wood charcoal counterpart. Firstly, it burns hotter, with a higher calorific value, meaning less of a wait when planning to unwind with a hookah pipe. Secondly, it also leaves almost no residuals, with far less ash created than wood charcoal, ensuring a more satisfying experience with far less mess to clean up at the end of it, as well as the knowledge that material was not reaped through the wonton destruction of natural habitats. With this in mind, it is east to see how PT TOM has become an exemplary element of the biofuel industry, causing many of its heaviest hitters to turn their eyes to the good work it has been doing, and looking forward to only expanding on this reputation in the future. Company: PT TOM Cococha Indonesia Contact: Asep Mulyana Website: