South East Asia Business Awards 2022

14 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , The leading manufacturer of premium coconut shell charcoal for both hookah and BBQ, PT TOM Cococha Indonesia specialises in the export of its products and brands to markets all over the world. All in all, its goal is to ‘save the world by coconut charcoal’, leading from the front as the pioneers of using this medium instead of charcoal from trees. Fundamentally – with the rate of deforestation due to an overzealous lumber industry and other perpetrators of industrial deforestation – finding alternative methods to the use of tree bark for burning and combustion is a pivotal contribution to environmental conservation efforts. This has made PT TOM a critical voice in the conversation, and as a certified company with accreditations from ISO Selling the most natural and sustainable alternative fuel briquettes, PT TOM Cococha Indonesia has become popular in the hookah, sisha, and waterpipe markets. Burning with a higher calorific value – and hotter – thanwood charcoal, with far less ash, this product is made from coconut shell waste products and serves the environment by reducing the need for trees to be chopped down for charcoal. Growing in popularity with its organic, ecologically responsible, and efficient product, PT TOMextends thanks to its market for the zeal withwhich it has adopted it into the ranks. Best Environmental Impact Business 2022 - Indonesia 9001:2015 to ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001, it is excited to show the wider world the benefits of using coconut charcoal as a far less ecologically harmful energy source. Moreover, having been working on its research into coconut charcoal since its establishment in 2015, it has dedicated itself to continual expansion and growth, gaining friends all over the world that see its efforts for the innovations that will come of it. It would like to extend its thanks to the partners it has made in the waste business industry over the years, partners that have allowed it to grow in scale and repute within the market segment. In this same vein, its expansion has also been in a far more literal sense. Its headquarters – also doubling up as its production facility – know totals 8000 square metres, containing its premium quality coconut shell charcoal creation facilities that draw the resource out of the raw material. Located in Bogor, Jakarta, this facility has made a name for itself with the excellence of the processes that it uses. Form start to finish, its dedicated and skilled employees form the backbone of PT TOM, developing the highest grade of product that a client can rely on. Nominally, a client can also expect their product to arrive on time within the quoted period, and that their order will be reliably within the quote that they will have been given, resulting in a bond of trust between PT TOM and its clients that forms long-term, healthy, and positive business relationships. These relationships have been crucial in fostering its healthy and impressive long-term growth, as it has gained an endlessly positive reputation in its market, and this has made its way to the ears of those at the top of the sector, creating a network of professionals within which PT TOM is a cornerstone. Its dedication, team spirit, and exemplary facilities mean its production capacity currently able to handle 1000 tonnes of charcoal per month, and around 12000 tonnes of charcoal every year. Although ‘saving the world’ might seem like a lofty goal, PT TOM doesn’t think so. Instead, it sees it as a duty that everyone in the world has a part to play in, and that whatever one can do to help, should be done. Thus, it plays its part in helping to alleviate the wicked problem of environmental degradation made by human activity by finding new ways to fill the demands of the world’s markets, allowing more precious resources to be Apr22316