South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 13 Audio-Visual Conferencing Business of the Year - APAC Speaking about the company’s success, CS Lee, Co-founder and Sales Director, comments, “Our commitment is to present the best solutions and deliver top quality services to ensure our customers get the support that they need before, during and after sales. We are committed to deliver the best video conference and meeting experience for all our customers. Many customers are returning customers, some had been opting for our professional services since ATEK Technology started in 2009. This speaks volumes about our integrity and reliability in our customers’ eyes.” As such, this compliments ATEK Technology’s mission to provide these advanced solutions in a cost-effective manner. The company strives to provide premium customer care, taking a wholly client-centric approach to business, and as a result, the company has built a strong clientele. Over 590 companies from various industries, have benefited from ATEK Technology’s expertise, and for these clients, the company has fulfilled over 830 projects. Indeed, this list of clients includes DHL, Monash University Malaysia, and Omron. Client-centricity is, in essence, at the heart of the company. Every aspect of the business has been developed in a manner that benefits the client – for example, the company’s partnerships have been strategically chosen in order to provide clients with premium products. Furthermore, the company’s services revolve around the customer’s own individual goals, as ATEK Technology understands that no two clients are the same. Finding tailor-made solutions can be no small feat but, with ATEK Technology, you can find an unparalleled service that will leave you with unbeatable peace of mind – without going over budget. Clients can truly rely on ATEK Technology to take on their vision and run with it. This means that ATEK Technology finds a way every time. What may seem difficult is made simple and easily accessible to all of its clients, all around the world. Providing help to a plethora of businesses, no matter the industry, ATEK Technology pulls out all the stops to ensure success and a guaranteed long and prosperous future for its clients’ businesses. Its solutions are entirely personalised and are reliant upon the communication facilitated by the business between itself and the customer. This is especially prevalent within the company’s boardroom design service, which sees ATEK Technology plan out a conference space suitable for the client’s business. Consequently, this service is a one-stop solution for boardroom and conference room set up. It includes all audio-visual equipment, servers, touchscreen control panels for system control and integration which further features environmental, lighting, conditioning and ambience controls, a videoconference system that suits the requirements and room conditions, and even cabling and furnishing. Clients may also opt to partake in ATEK Technology’s maintenance services further down the line. This service has been created to ensure that products receive exceptional care past their warranty period through the extension of contracts. Therefore, the company’s customers can carry the company’s products safe in the knowledge that if something happens, ATEK Technology will be there to offer advice and support. If a product needs attention, the company’s professional Polycom Certified Videoconferencing Engineers are sure to have a solution on hand without any hidden costs. In the long term, ATEK Technology is there to fix any problems that arise in the foreseeable future. No person or business can truly plan for problems – there is only so much a person or business can do to foresee any issues therefore, ATEK Technology provides an atmosphere of satisfaction and comfort when it comes to preparing individuals or companies for anything that may go wrong. When it comes to the development of business, ATEK Technology is there 100% of the time, no matter the size of the business – this can be seen through its extensive portfolio of clients. From small to medium sized enterprises – and beyond – ATEK delivers positive results for each of them. It is notable to see its evolution in itself; from a business looking to make things better for others to a business that crafts a seamless environment for those it works with – ATEK is truly unmatched by any other in its realm. The answers to clients’ lingering questions are obvious to ATEK Technology as it explores innovative ways to not only promise results, but provide – on time, every time. The renovations and makeovers come easy to ATEK Technology as it has many years behind it. Not only does it have much experience behind it as a company, but it also has years to back its work up due to its various staff members – with a combined experience of decades upon decades, ATEK Technology has become a buttress for many who wish to exceed expectations. By leaning on ATEK Technology you too can propel your business further, at an exponential rate. The company has numerous plans coming into fruition over the next year and beyond, including leveraging the Cisco powered cloud conference platform, namely Webex, and the partner of the world most famous Cloud Meeting platform, Zoom, through which it is hoping to unite conference rooms and remote users. “With the new normal after Covid, hybrid setup has become a must for every company. With this cloud platform, we aim to link up to non-conventional video conference users with their office equipment. This will also be a platform for trainers and speakers to sell their courses online, live. We have already spoken to several partners from Europe and the USA as well as in Asia and we are looking forward to exciting times ahead,” says CS Lee during the interview. In conclusion, ATEK Technology is deserving of the title AudioVisual Conferencing Business of the Year – APAC, as it plays a fundamental role within the success of companies’ remote communications. It is a leader for a reason – its devotion to quality, technology, and most importantly, its customers. Contact: CS Lee Company: ATEK Technology Sdn. Bhd. Web Address: Co-Founder CS LEE