South East Asia Business Awards 2022

10 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , With more than a decade’s experience in the outdoor advertising field and sign construction in particular, VINAMA is dedicated to being an effective, reliable and trustworthy partner for customers. This is done by continually investing and adapting new technologies and methodologies into its services in order to provide the best results, as the customer’s success is its absolute goal. It is truly a customer-centric business, with customers’ faith in it being its most valuable asset. Indeed, VINAMA strives to be one of the leading companies providing media and advertising services in Vietnam. With creativity and uniqueness, VINAMA researches, explores and provides the best solutions, and it continues to confidently Founded in 2011, VINAMA Communications Joint Stock Company (VINAMA) is a leading Vietnam company providing services and products in advertising and technology. Being the most recognisable name in Vietnam for advertising services, VINAMA is one of the top three digital out-of-home (DOOH)/outof-home (OOH) partners inHo Chi Minh City, providing a variety of solutions in LED screens, billboards, panos, street art, events, andmuchmore. Best Outdoor Advertising Company - Vietnam establish itself as an outstanding company that delivers equally outstanding services. In the developing country of Vietnam, there is a limited variety of advertising types, which gives VINAMA the opportunity to pioneer modern advertising types, especially those including DOOH. An example of this is advertising on digital screens, which is considered a new advertising trend in the country, highly effective in conveying messages to customers. In 2021, the company shook up the Vietnamese advertising market when it launched the first 3D advertising LED screen located at 4A Pham Ngoc Thach, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Top brands such as Lazada, Sabeco, Shopee, Mec Vinfast, VNG Games, and Mercedes Benz jumped to become VINAMA’s first customers, seizing the opportunity to reach their consumers in this revolutionary way. Then, at the end of April this year, the VINAMA team implemented the largest 3D LED screen project in Vietnam at Mui Tan in Quy Nhon, which Hung Thinh Group invested in. Mui Tan has become an iconic symbol in the city and provides an impressive experience which ensures that locals and tourists alike will always remember it. VINAMA is the largest 3D LED construction unit in Vietnam and not even the covid-19 pandemic could hold it back. While the advertising industry and VINAMA itself did suffer heavy losses, the team made great efforts to improve service quality, and the company invested in modern international advertising. In these times of economic difficulties, VINAMA’s service hasn’t faltered, but it’s gone from strength to strength, achieving many encouraging results to spur the company on. None of what VINAMA accomplishes could happen without the human factor remaining as its main focus, with its team improving every day in both competence and devotion. Its dynamic, enthusiastic staff always put their heart into their work, and the products and services they deliver satisfy even the most demanding of customers. VINAMA seeks to recruit team members with capability, experience and enthusiasm, believing they can be cultivated and become their best selves in order to make the company the greatest it can be. It nurtures team members with good working conditions and a close family environment, motivating them to contribute to continuously building a VINAMA that is Vietnam’s leading outdoor advertising company. Besides business activities, VINAMA always aims to create positive value for customers and the community through making small contributions to support local charity funds. In particular, it became the sponsor of the Ho Chi Minh bicycle team for three years, contributing to and promoting the development of sports and cultural movements of the city. At the last HTV 2022 TV cup, the Ho Chi Minh VINAMA racing team won a big victory when they excellently won Best Winner, Best King of Mountain, and Best Team. Ultimately, it’s easy to see what makes VINAMA the awardwinning company it is and how it undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of it. Looking ahead, the company plans to continue on the road to changing the face of Vietnamese advertising and to become one of the leading companies in brand solutions for businesses through advertising systems. Company: VINAMA Communications Joint Stock Company Contact: Tran Viet Tan Email: [email protected] Website: May22466