2022 CEO of the Year Award Packages

packages Titanium Package 5,150 GBP packages Main Front Cover image & headline 4 page editorial 2 Crystal trophies, 1 Wall plaque Personalised Digital logo Personalised Digital certificate, 8-page digital brochure with 100 prints, Double Page Spread in future issue of APAC Insider HHHHHHHH CEO Name Company Name Award Ttitle CEO of the year awards 2022 Only 1 available Award Title CEO Name Company Name/Logo Has Been Named: This is to certify that: CERTIFICATE CEO of the Year Awards 2 0 2 2  May21325 Cameron Barrett: Focusing on ACTION and People to Take Workforce Safety to New Heights Q: Tell us about Field Safe, the work you do and the types of clients with whom you work. What do you specialize in? What is your unique selling point? What are your goals and values? Cameron Barrett, CEO of Field Safe: Most Boards of Directors and CEOs have mandates to improve employee safety, lower operating costs and expand digitization efforts to create efficiencies across the organization. Field Safe’s success in becoming a leading health and safety platform provider is due to helping our clients meet (and even exceed) all three of these mandates, or, as our tag line says, SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY AND SAVE LIVES. “Field Safe helps Boards and Executives (including the CEO) meet corporate mandates.” The key to our success is data and our ability to relay it quickly and easily by digitizing at-risk workersto connect them to head office and other team members. Field Safe understands that health and safety information, when managed effectively, will impact decision making across the organization. Field Safe’s most important key differentiator is our ease of use. Companies struggle to get at-risk workers to complete and submit the paperwork that is foundational to ensuring their safety. Because our software is so easy to use, adoption rates are high and forms are completed and submitted, providing managers the data they need to quickly and cost effectively improve safety performance and operations. We support workers in any industry and companies of all sizes, but another reason for our success is our unrivaled understanding of the unique needs and challenges of Enterprise-level accounts. We have extensive experience meeting their stringent procurement processes. With more than 10 Fortune 1000 clients and partners, Field Safe continues to evolve our marketleading position based on a scalable, secure, and stable digital platform. Field Safe and The Connected Worker Field Safe’s easy-to-use safety platform and smarter workflows methodology digitizes the field to connect workers. This resolves the field data gap and enables Cameron Barrett: Focusing on ACTION and People to Take Workforce Safety to New Heights instant communication and information sharing. Ease of use increases user adoption and forms completion and submission which in turn increases the amount of data collected. That data is then shared in realtime across all team members and head office. The improved access to data allows leadership to make data-informed decisions that improve safety, optimize operations and lower costs. Field Safe’s all-in-one health and safety system does away with the inefficiencies of multiple systems and paper-based processes. Smarter workflows reduce the touchpoints that slow down the transfer of information. Emerging threats are identified immediately, and corrective actions are implemented fast. Field Safe’s primary goal is to help companies ensure the safety of their workers. We I hold an MBA from Heriot-Watt University, an MSc (Law) from Abraham Lincoln University and an ICD.D designation from Rotman School of Business. I currently Chair the Governance and Nominating Committee of the Huntington Society of Canada and am an Independent Director. I am also a member of the Board of Directors of headversity. Giving of my time to support worthwhile causes is my passion and the Huntington Society is particularly important to me. I am dedicated to making a difference here. I have also served as a Board Member of the Information Technology Association of Canada. I credit my success as a CEO on my attention to bringing together the right people to help me meet my mandates. My first order of business in every role is to build the right team to ensure the organization’s goals are met, and who shared my passion and vision for the company. I also credit my mentors and peer network for helping me grow and learn as a leader. I have built a network that I engage with regularly to learn from, but also to share my knowledge with, as well. Q:What is your approach when undertaking a new client or project? How do you ensure - right from the start - that the outcome meets the needs of everyone involved? CB: Field Safe begins every new client onboarding with a view to establishing a partnership. We focus on understanding each client’s current state and desired future state, acting as a trusted advisor to share advice after LISTENING closely and understanding their unique needs. It is these close relationships and resulting knowledge sharing and feedback that have helped us build an industry-leading platformthat is easy-to-use, all-in-one, and health and safety focused. But technology alone isn’t the answer to a best-in-class safety program. Processes have to be effective and aligned with health and safety goals. This understanding led Field Safe to develop our smarter workflows methodology. We conduct a review of each client’s processes and workflows prior to implementing any products. This review inevitably uncovers opportunities to implement change management initiatives to create smarter, more effective workflows. Forms consolidation is a common improvement. For one client, new workflows led to a reduction in required forms by almost half. Another cites a savings of over 1100 completion hours per year for each of its 30 forms. And another has reduced revenue leakage by introducing new workflows that allow it to digitally understand well production and deploy maintenance teams more optimally. Q: Tell me about your business and your ongoing strategy. What techniques do you employ to ensure you achieve this? CB: Today’s Field Safe has evolved substantially since inception but we always stay true “Field Safe helps Boards and Executives (including the CEO) meet corporate mandates.” are dedicated to ensuring the continuous improvement of health and safety programs that help organizations SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY AND SAVE LIVES. Our corporate values support that goal by creating ACTION. • Accountability, • Commitment, • Teamwork, • Innovation, • Ownership, and we are • Nimble. Q: Talk me through your previous roles and how you came to achieve your position as CEO. How do you draw on past experiences in your current role? CB: I am currently the CEO of Field Safe. My 25+ year career includes national and international sales leadership roles within industry-leading software and technology companies. Prior to Field Safe, I was President of Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) Canada where I led over 800 employees. 4 APAC / Issue Q4 2021 APAC / Issue Q4 2021 5