South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 5 Best Private Education Providers - Singapore e-learning has been effective, but where its training truly shines is in its in person work encouraging and training its students. Furthermore, under the umbrella of the SDM Education Group, the amassing of the several preschool brands that it has taken on board also enabled it to weather the storm of the outbreak. Such places, and the venues that had already gathered a long lists of students who thoroughly enjoy the services and classes it offers, have ensured that its growth is naturally scaling with the notoriety it gleans amongst its target market, and thus SDM has been cultivating an ever- expanding client pool. It wishes to thank every person who stuck with it throughout the difficulties of the past year, both the new customers and the customers that attended the preschool venues before the acquisition. The latter group, notably, laud SDM Group’s ability to acquire a venue whilst not snuffing out the spark of the original brand that was there before it, keeping the unique selling point of each one, and thus retaining its customer base. Crucially, the size of SDM Education Group has not just meant geographical expansion, either. Each preschool has its own themes, pedagogy, and learning environment, developed by staff and students who attend it, allowing parents a wide variety of choice when picking out the perfect learning atmosphere for their child, whilst reassuring them that they across the board will receive exemplary, recognisable SDM quality. The SDM Group has therefore been a critical element of the Early Childhood and Care industry in Singapore, contributing further outstanding services to what already existed – and a thriving part of the ecosystem of schools working in tandem with the authorities, pushing out support measures for preschools and their students. Lastly, SDM’s preschools continually endorse and bolster these schemes with its work. It actively participates in programmes, encourages and gives feedback on the schemes it is a part of, and is proactive in collaboration with its partners in order to better its industry for its end users. This, critically, is something SDM believes to be a fundamental part of its duties, and it participates in all manner of strategies that prioritise the support of the teachers as well as the children. In the future, it is looking forward to continuing both this and its expansion throughout its region, looking to acquire yet more preschools – and even enrichment centres – across the South East of Asia, and beyond. Company: SDM Education Group Pte Ltd Contact: Hui Ling Fann Web: