South East Asia Awards 2021

4 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Best Private Education Providers - Singapore A purveyor of educational services throughout a network of exemplary academies in the South East of Asia, SDMEducation Group is focusing on the enrichment of children’s lives outside of mainstream education. Offering ballet, jazz, speech therapy, and somuchmore, it works with them to help themgrow and develop into well rounded young people with a passion for what SDM’s outstanding trainers have taught them. SDM Group Holdings is a group of companies specialising in the provision of children’s dance education, the first of its kind to be listed on the Hong Kong Limited Stock Exchange in 2014. Foremost, it finds it passion in the teaching of jazz and ballet, two disciplines for which it has a multitude of academies – all of which are renowned in its field as exemplary – operating under the brands SDM Education Group, SDM Singapore Education Ltd, and SDM Jazz & Ballet Academie. The latter of these brands was established in 2006; and it offers a wide range of teaching courses on an extracurricular basis including ballet, jazz, and more, serving an age range of 18 months to 18 years. SDM Education Group even offers classes such as photography services and speech therapy. Fundamentally, SDM Singapore Education Ltd was founded to further the Group’s reach into the area, acquiring more centres with a plan to add yet more to its roster as it serves an ever-growing roster of students. This has contributed to making it a going concern in the Early Childhood Care and Education industry, wishing to become the preferred extra-curricular education group providing infant edu-caring, childcare services, preschool programmes, and enrichment outside of the mainstream school system. Above all, its mission it to work with children and foster their innate desire to explore. In this way it will always prioritise cultivating a sense of wonder and encouragement in its classes, using these principles as the basis for learning, understanding, and enhancing skill acquisition and contact development. Furthermore, it bases its facilities on democratic values, with a cultural heterogeneity amongst its community that it takes pride in; all the while ensuring its priorities remain in assisting the personal development of the children it takes under its wing. In this manner, its student will always come away having learned good values and a strong personal code of conduct that they can then go on to apply to every other part of their life, from their friendship groups to mainstream scholastic pursuits. Notably, it seeks to instil in them a sense of value towards their education, both extra-curricular and otherwise, good dispositions that will set them in good stead for the future, an appreciation for cultivating their own personal talents and skills, and relevant knowledge in how to best apply them in the ever changing world around them. In order to consistently achieve the high standards it sets for each one of its establishments, SDM Education Group only hires the best of the best. When it comes to taking on new staff members, it brings on board talents from around the local region in which it is operating, people with extensively proven experience in early childhood care and education, from preschool owners to professional instructors and trainers. Furthermore, it believes in empowering each and every one of its staff members to work with autonomy when delivering their classes and lessons – they are the experts, after all. This creates an environment driven by professional minds and the passion each of them holds for their field, teaching that to the pupils, fostering their growth and development by allowing them to pick up new skills, and making critical decisions for each unit that improve both it and the academy overall. In the day-to-day operation of the academy, it works like a family. Apr21393 Each team is always ready to put their heads together, resolving issues and pooling resources, possessing the can-do attitudes and ambition to rise to any challenge. Moreover, it is pivotal that any potential new team member fits seamlessly into this culture, believing in education over qualifications and working well with the existing team during SDM Orientation training. SDM is proud to say, thanks to its location in Singapore, that its Preschool Headquarters also benefits hugely from the support of the authorities towards the education industry; they aided it during the pandemic through a challenging time, helping it to pivot to e-learning and even acquire 5 new preschools. This has allowed it to look ahead to even more expansion, and even greater things. Consequentially, it foresees that 2021 will have seen it acquire between 3 and 5 further preschool venues before the end of the year, a goal that it is confident it will be able to hit even as it navigates the ever-changing paradigms of a mid-pandemic world. As the dust begins to settle from the worst of it, and vaccines roll out, SDM is of course excited to be able to once again get back to in- person tutelage of its students –