South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 39 , Jun21028 Best International Learning & Development Consultancy Firm 2021 In today’s corporate world, successful businesses have multiple balls rolling at once. The pressure to keep all of them moving simultaneously can be immense, and depending on the size of the organisation, less than feasible. PEPWorldwide Asia recognises this. It understands what underpins successful companies, freeing its clients from having to personally handle the implementation and adaptation of work processes, and letting them focus on their business’s goals instead. It specialises in the provision of highly tailored, customised, and fit-to-purpose solutions that streamline work processes, better communication, and improve the overall productivity and working methodologies within a business’s internal environment. In addition, its strategies are long form; the achievements it makes upon the design and implementation of such strategies will be felt in a client’s business into perpetuity. With it being a global organisation, it has also gained renown for having a consistently outstanding track record that spans all sorts of industries and clientele, each of whom laud its strategies for being not just well-designed, but highly actionable. On average, beneficiaries of PEP programmes have been able to gain two additional hours a day simply from allowing it to scrutinise and reorganise their working processes. This translates to time and cost savings, as well as a decreased need for overtime. Fundamentally, this is how PEPWorldwide allows its clients to get back to what truly matters to them as a business, allowing them to focus their own efforts on ambition, innovation, and high-impact projects that a poorly designed workflow can massively hinder. It has therefore made itself not just an international going concern, but a partner to its clients, helping them take their businesses to the next level; and it has proven this across its 26 offices in 26 different countries, empowered by its 30 years of experience being the top productivity consultants in its respective regions. It also works to ensure its clients are kept updated throughout its work within their organisation. It provides a precise analysis of how their training has improved business outcomes – all provided by PEP consultants and facilitators who are each extremely experienced in their fields, and highly accredited to deliver PEP programmes. Furthermore, each staff member is empathic and understanding, and will work with the employees of an organisation to learn about the unique organisational culture within it, working with sensitivity in order to change what needs changing whilst respecting the original environment that a company has built. In summation, its business strategy is dedicated to adding value to the business of its clients. As well as two additional hours given back per day, the positive impacts of its work also include a 30% productivity increase, increased focus amongst the staff of an organisation, improved job satisfaction across the board, a better work-life balance for everyone across a client’s teams, and a far lower staff turnover. All of these things together make for a much healthier business – one that has exponentially more room for growth, and more time to make such a thing happen. Says Angeline V. Teo, President and Chief Consultant of PEPWorldwide Asia and an award-winning executive coach, “We believe in investing in people because they are the ones that will ultimately secure the success of their organisation.” PEPWorldwide Asia aims to Peak Everyone’s Performance, and they have been hard at work walking the talk. Company: PEPWorldwide Asia Pte Ltd Contact: Angeline V. Teo Website: PEPWorldwide Asia is a business seeking to take the pressure of constant internal reorganisation off of its clients. Working on a worldwide scale to improve productivity, encourage a healthy working environment, and benefit enterprises across amyriad of sectors, its efforts allow its customers to focus their efforts onwhat matters to them.