South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 37 , May21785 Best Food & Beverage Packaging Solutions Company 2021 - Malaysia Malex Paper Products is a company striving to be the world’s foremost andmost comprehensive packaging solutions consultant in its region. Working with its clients to create personalized, fit-to-purpose packaging that answers the rising demand for such things in its industry, it is using its prowess in the manufacture of exemplary paper products to serve its growing roster of clientele. In a world where plastic has made itself a serious problem for the environment, Malex Paper Products is a company championing the use of paper packaging in the food containers industry. With a vast amount of experience in its industry since its start in 1976, it has made itself one of Malaysia’s foremost manufacturing and solutions providers in the development of packaging and containers for the QSR food service sector. Additionally, it has grown in notoriety enough to have provided it solutions for massive multinational brands from KFC to A&W, and Marrybrown to Jollibee. It also is proud to serve mid to small restaurant business in its region, with a rich background across a multitude of different packaging solutions, all with a dedication to not using plastic and keeping exemplary customer service in mind. With a current distribution service company based in Singapore, PackAdz, it is also able to serve major F&B companies in the region, bolstered by its in-house production out of its Johor manufacturing plant, and empowered by its core values. Fundamentally, the heart of Malex is professionalism, flexibility, customization, and long-term partnerships. Each of these principles form a core pillar of its business, reflecting how it operates internally and how it conducts itself towards its clients – both of which have contributed to its earning of a FSSC22000 v5 certification, a Global Food Safety Initiative international standard for food safety that is a rare achievement for packaging firms. In addition, it works closely with its customers when building its products, granting it an unparalleled range that taps into its core manufacturing process, and allows it to become a client’s packaging one stop shop. In this way, it has been able to retain client loyalty consistently, for instance, KFC has been its customer for decades now. With its growth so central to Malaysia and Singapore, the industry has been bolstered across the board, mirroring its work by moving into customizable solutions for food and beverage packaging. Covid-19 caused more disrpution, kicking off a domino effect of further change that resulted in the expediting of e-deliveries of foods, meaning that the dynamics of the food packaging industry significantly changed whilst the demand for such things continuously rose. This, whilst initially a challenge, this also provided opportunity, and Malex was one of the companies that rose to the meet it. This has allowed it to maintain its reputation for excellence – as well as its penchant for flexibility and strength when it comes to its supply chains – as its paper mills keep it well stocked. In addition, its staff each proved their outstanding nature in turn during this time, all of whom are trained all rounders that share in the goals of the company and strive to ensure it gets there, meaning that new hires can expect to join a dynamic and spontaneous team who put the customer first. Seeing an uptick in cloud kitchen businesses across the board, e-delivery businesses that require packaging for their foodstuffs, Malex has been at the forefront of a real shift in its industry’s priorities, especially in Malaysia and Singapore itself. Its brilliance in serving each one of these new companies has allowed Malex to prove itself time and time again to those food service businesses who previously relied on Chinese factories, converting them to its services due to its notoriety and proximity to home. Consequentially, it has been able to keep growing at a steady pace, and does not see this changing soon, looking forward to forging more partnerships, serving its industry well, and focusing on helping its customers as it moves towards the future. Company: MALEX PAPER PRODUCTS SDN BHD Contact: Wern TAN Website: