South East Asia Awards 2021

36 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Lift Specialists of the Year – Malaysia Amalcon Engineering has been specialising in lifts since 1981 and is a trusted name synonymous with high-quality lifts and professional services. Amalcon’s priorities are safety and customer satisfaction, easily enabled by their successful partnership with IGV Italy. The skilled team at Amalcon ensures that each customer get the perfect lift and handles all aspects of the process – from planning and design to delivery, installation and handover – so customers get total peace of mind. Amalcon goes the extra mile so that their customers don’t have to. Having introduced DomusLift to homeowners in Malaysia in 2001, Amalcon is recognised as the pioneer of homelifts in Malaysia, as well as a specialist in providing custom-made medium- and heavy-duty solutions for larger buildings. Over 2,000 Malaysians are already enjoying the benefits of having an IGV lift, and Amalcon only offers the best, which is why they represents the IGV Group SpA, Italy. IGV lifts are renowned for being unmatched in quality and reliability: the envy of competitors worldwide. Founded by engineer, Giuseppe Volpe in 1966, IGV is the world-renowned designer and manufacturer of the bestselling DomusLift lifting platform and lifts with reduced pit and low headroom. With over 90,000 IGV lifts in use worldwide as of July 2020, IGV continues to provide bespoke solutions for vertical mobility in homes and buildings around the world. IGV lifts reflect commitment to excellence in research, safety, design, and technological innovation. A true ambassador symbolising the excellence of Italian products, IGV exports 70% of its total lift production to more than 70 countries worldwide, and Amalcon is proud to be IGV’s partner in Malaysia. Highly attentive to health, safety and social issues, IGV committed themselves to studying various measures to contain the COVID-19 contagion when the pandemic erupted. The focus was on how to protect lift passengers and lift maintenance personnel. Thus was born CARe: an effective and non-invasive solution to actively sanitise any lift to cleanroom standards. CARe is an ISO-certified system which has become the new normal for lifts; CARe keeps air and surfaces actively sanitised without alcohol, chemicals, misting or fogging. A mechanical ventilation device with a centrifugal motor and the highest grade HEPA filter with activated charcoal continuously purifies the air while the lift is active and while passengers are in the lift. A flexible duct brings air removed from the lift car into the device where it is filtered and purified of viruses and bacteria before being returned to the lift car. The sanitising device does not use ozone so it is guaranteed safe even in the absence of adequate air-flow. To sanitise lift surfaces, a UV-C light from the LED spotlight – the same Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) germicidal technology used to sanitise hospital and laboratory cleanroom environments – guarantees complete and instantaneous sterilisation of all surfaces in the lift car. The UV-C light automatically activates for a few seconds when there are no passengers in the lift and kills all micro-organisms present. With high-quality, stylish and smooth-moving lifts; prompt, professional service; and excellent after-sale support, Amalcon is clearly the business to deal with and IGV lifts clearly the product to choose. It’s not a “take it or leave it” or a “one style fits all”, but a complete range of choices to suit different needs and tastes for the interior of any home or building. Company: Amalcon Engineering Sdn Bhd Email: [email protected] Website: May21547