South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 35 , May21517 Best Global Fintech News Platform 2021 Christian König, founder of the Fintech News Network began his career as a derivative banker. Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, Christian entered the financial world looking for a career change, and in 2014, founded the Fintech News Network which consists of eight news websites, including Fintech News Singapore, which have readers from all over the world. Christian has combined his passions for content marketing and fintech and is also in demand outside the financial sector as a consultant and lecturer, thanks to his reports and articles. Fintech News is not a crypto (trading) portal. It doesn’t actively report on the current Bitcoin or Ethereum rates. It wants to distance itself from the nascent crypto movement and focus on the fintech scene. Its outlook is that there are bigger topics than cryptocurrencies out there. For example, the international remittance market or the money transfer market, where consumers are still paying excessively high fees. As a former derivatives trader, Christian is also rather sceptical of crypto due to the liquidity issue. In his opinion, it is quite possible that the Bitcoin price could double again and hit the 100,000 mark. However, Christian thinks that if panic breaks out, it is more likely that Bitcoin will trade at almost zero, at least in the short term due to a lack of liquidity. Buying Bitcoin is easy, however selling it is difficult. Fintech News learned this lesson in the euro/franc market, which was worth billions before the SNB abandoned the 1.20 peg. The next exchange rate peg was then set at 0.95. Right from the start, Fintech News wanted to raise awareness on fintech and digitisation in finance in Switzerland. Its opening gambit was the first Fintech/Finance 2.0 conference in 2013, which Christian had initiated. At that time, there were no media outlets actively reporting fintech news. At first, he did this indirectly through his Finanzprodukt blog. Later, Fintech News removed the topic of Fintech/Finance 2.0 from the blog and created its own platform for these topics in the form of www.fintechnews. ch. As Christian happened to be in Asia on business at the time, the platform was also launched in Singapore. In 2014, the largest tech and finance news platform at the time was publishing merely five articles a year on fintech. The topic just wasn’t on their radar at all. Fintech News can now count quite a number of major organisations as its clients. This includes big banks to tech companies such as Google and Alibaba, as well as well-known fintech start-ups or the Big Four auditing companies in consulting. And all in an area that is doubly new – fintech and content marketing. Both sectors are by no means common knowledge. Christian was also delighted to be able to spread the word about fintech in emerging markets. For example, he’s been pushing Fintech Vietnam since 2014, which has even earned him a few TV appearances on the subject. Fintech News had a record year in 2020, which is probably related to COVID-19. Without a doubt, Christian’s greatest personal success was being able to keep the Fintech News Network afloat in difficult times and in the early days, even if it caused him many sleepless nights. As an entrepreneur, it’s times like that where you learn the most. Company: Fintech News Singapore Contact: Christian König Email: [email protected] Website: FintechNews Singapore provides a source of timely, deep insights and the latest local and global news about fintech. Launched in 2015, the FintechNews Network teamworks very hard to deliver fintech-centric content in various forms to an audience looking for updates on fintech events and webinars, expert opinions fromhighly-reputable digital finance innovators, analysis on fintech applications fromactive insiders, breaking news on fintech topics, and fintechmarket alerts.