South East Asia Awards 2021

34 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Best Digital Analytics Consultancy 2021 – Singapore May21459 Sparkline was established in 2013 to empower businesses to become data centric, and instil confidence in teams to innovate beyond their immediate data capabilities. With impressive global brands like Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand, conglomerates like Google, Unilever and McDonald’s, Sparkline have cemented themselves as the go to Digital Analytics consultancy across APAC. Not forgetting darling local brands like Zalora, Bukalapak and Media Prima, Sparkline couples its Deep Analytics expertise with that of nuanced local markets, making it a pioneer within the digital space, and the strategic partner to its loyal brands. With its focus on People and their development, Sparkline believes its purpose is really to liberate organisations to make better business decisions and deeper connections with their customers for them to flourish. Being APAC centric, Sparkline’s incredible experience with App Analytics and manipulating huge customer data sets stemming from consumer preferences and population sizes across the region, give them a real edge in providing hands on digital first strategies and trends across APAC markets. As the industry matured, Sparkline has always remained true to the core of who they are - a digital analytics consultancy – not an agency, and are very transparent in what support and value they can drive for businesses. This is evident in the longevity of their client relationships, which usually span 2- 4 years, some brands in their 6-7th year of their Sparkline relationship. Unlike competitors, who often add analytics as an additional service to media, Sparkline believes only deep analytics expertise, trust in relationships and passion for data-driven strategies will grow businesses in the digital space. As APAC represents over 65% of global ecommerce spending and also accommodates for 50% of app installs globally, Sparkline speaks excitedly of being at the epicentre of accelerated ecommerce and APP strategies as well as working with some of the biggest and most strategic brands in the space. One of their key focus areas for 2021- 22 is to support upcoming ‘super apps’ to build smart marketing and monetisation strategies using data and efficient ML modelling, as well as helping traditional retail and FMCG brands understand marketplace strategies and measurement solutions for better ROI. Sparkline acknowledges industries are still challenged by non-travel, various moving/ communication restrictions and distractions around how to deal with the ‘new normal’, but as Mc Kinsey cites, ‘we have seen more digital acceleration in this past 12 months than in the last ten years’, and they are seeing really exciting opportunities for businesses to innovate and pay more attention to digital as an integral part of a customer communication and monetisation strategy, vs what was previously a ‘nice to have’ in some more traditionally offline businesses. Outside of rapid digitisation, talent is a key barrier to improving ROI of massive tech investments – according to recent marketing studies, fortune 500 businesses believe that over 50% of their teams have little understanding and skills around digital literacy, which is so important to company culture, building IP and getting the best out of technology investments. With a passion for People, Sparkline has leant in to fuelling talent across APAC, and has in the past partnered with brands like P&G to help brand managers transform their capability in analysing digital data, as well as building curriculums for local governments to re-skill the workforce (especially during covid) and Google to grow the graduate talent pool in Digital Analytics Skills. Sparkline is also noticing businesses focus a lot more on data accuracy. They do a lot of clean-up projects as marketing teams don’t have the governance in place on data protection and PII, but also regulation has changed so much in the last few years, hence the deprecation of cookies and ITP changes. In fact, only around 3% of execs actually believe they have acceptable data standards – most believe data is incomplete/inaccurate and that their teams spend too much time manually prepping data vs analysis. Sparkline has built many automated solutions for auditing/cleaning and manipulating data, which they proactively offer to clients, encouraging their talent to self-serve many of their digital analytics needs in house. For the rest of 2021 Sparkline plans to build on their existing stellar reputation as the best digital consultancy in the region. Helping businesses achieve success in data driven strategies is their paramount goal and Sparkline will continue to develop success stories and evolve businesses to grow smarter in marketing and digital customer experiences. Partnerships with mar-tech providers is another key growth area - Sparkline is a key Google Analytics partner in the region, and has developed newer partnerships with the likes of Salesforce and CDP providers, which will strengthen as the giants of Google and Apple keep changing their tracking methods. Company: Sparkline Pte Ltd Contact: Aleetza Senn Website: