South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 31 , May21159 Best Soft Skills Training Provider - Southeast Asia Working hard to show its region – and the international corporate world as a whole – the importance of communications training, Mango Training and Consultancy has made a name for itself with in-depth and tailored educational programs. Having forged partnerships with many clients, and with evenmore exemplary training solutions on the way, its mission is to channel empathy and understanding into the modern corporate world. Mango Training and Consultancy was founded in 2011, under the industry- leading guidance of the founder Alex Cummins. Above all, this company was started in order to provide Malaysia and Southeast Asia with needs-based language and soft skills training, supporting industries across the board and garnering repute with an international market segment. This includes a variety of scales, from the local companies to the large global enterprises, and has allowed it to gain proficiency in finding out what best helps each of these clients and their businesses. Above all, Mango believes in the values that make up the heart of its enterprise: integrity, empathy, professionalism, adaptability, and passion – it is these principles that have driven this company from strength to strength, allowing it to cultivate a strong dynamic team and respond to a fast-changing region. Foremost, Mango’s training focuses on communication. Sharing a view that it is quick to impress upon its clientele that a business is only as good as how well it can communicate, both externally and internally, its soft skill training champions working on one’s methods of outreach, encouraging clients to think empathically about who they’re reaching out to and why. Mango also funnels significant effort into understanding its clients’ businesses. It sees each company it works with as a partner, making itself an invaluable part of its business practices with work that matches their mission, values, and goals. Fundamentally, it ensures that its learning interventions match the organizational needs of those it works with. This means that alongside empathy and knowledge, customization is another core pillar that has helped this Consultancy to stand head and shoulders above the rest; Mango’s efforts are highly tailored to match each individual client’s business, in terms of how their team operates and what they want to achieve. Additionally, its trainers are also encouraged to take ownership of their delivery beyond the training room, allowing each trainer to put their own spin on the learning they deliver, providing yet another exemplary facet of Mango’s work. Operating within such a diverse and dynamic region, Mango has benefitted hugely from its bases in Southeast Asia. Malaysia has such a unique need for specific training as it transitions towards a knowledge based economy, something Mango is excited to be able to help facilitate – and with the pandemic as a huge catalyst for positive change, it is part of an upcoming and exciting growth spurt for the corporate education sector in the region. Furthermore, the digitization of such offerings has been, whilst initially challenging, a pivot that proved a massive opportunity for expansion. Consequentially, more clients than ever are benefitting from partnering with Mango, and in turn it is helping more learners to see the worth in soft skills training and the return of investment such things provide. In this way, to keep itself competitive, Mango has built an agile team that has handled this growth expertly. They are each highly sensitive and emotionally intelligent, able to connect with every learner and holding the belief that Mango’s work is pivotal for beneficial change in the corporate world – something that has helped the company maintain its performance despite the tumult of the past 12 months. With fully self-learning remote programs, bite-sized sessions, and integrated human touchpoints, it plans to increase this digital range in the future even beyond what was made necessary by Covid-19, and is excited to unveil its recent work into enhanced immersive self- learning – more information about which is slated to come soon. Company: Mango Training and Consultancy Sdn Bhd Contact: Samantha Sharminie Website: Alex Cummins, Director