South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 29 , May21011 Best Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency - Malaysia In 2003, Infra Design got its first big project. The task at hand, Endah Puri property development, was something it had been very excited for the opportunity to take on the marketing for, giving a traditional marketing pitch to the project leaders that blew the competition out of the water and set them on a path to success that has not stopped since. What made the pitch so excellent is what gives Infra Design itself its well-earned notoriety and good reputation; it underwent relentless research so that it could understand the needs of the property developers, the requirements of the end users, and all other information that could effect the build. Fundamentally, this diligence has been recognised in its industry, and has led it on to complete multiple other projects in the following years. Its success effectively saw it secure its position in the market as ‘the advertising agency for property developers’, and propelled it towards its current concerns. Nominally, the concern of digitisation. Digital media, remote interaction, and online campaigning initially raised concerns amongst the advertising community, with companies across the width and breadth of the industry seeing how it was on the cusp of a major revolution due to social media marketing skyrocketing in popularity. Clients were wanting to migrate away from traditional marketing, moving into this new digital paradigm and anxious to do so before the exponential nature of technological development left them behind. The founder – Christina Leong then responded by assembling a dream team, seeing how much the future of advertising hinges on the digital world, bringing together a group of people that would facilitate its pivot to this new vision whilst keeping the client’s needs as top priority. First and foremost, Infra Design has a passion for going above and beyond for its customers. Moreover, when it comes to its philosophy behind client service, their satisfaction is its one true concern, whether it is responding to requirements and adaptations, answering questions, or resolving issues – Infra Design prides itself on always responding with positivity and loyalty. It is, after all, success motivated and performance based, only happy when the customer is. Thanks to the advent of the Covid-19 outbreak, digitised media marketing has become more important than ever. Consequentially, Infra Design stepped up to the plate to help its clients make the pivot, aligning business’s previous marketing strategies with ‘the new normal’ and getting them ready for release into a rapidly changing digital world. This has ensured that its name has spread further and quicker, and it has been able to make itself a standout solution in its field. Additionally, its over 18 years of experience also helps it to stand out, alongside its completely focused and personalised method of service, harnessing technologies such as MarTech – or ProSales (CRM) – an in-house CRM and lead management and classifying system. 360 virtual sales galleries are one of its client hot demand solution in the property industry during this pandemic time, to ease client’s new project launching at a safe, contactless and boundless environment. This goes hand in hand with its excellent inbound marketing tools implementation such as valuable content marketing, social media marketing, video production, SEM, SEO, Google Adwords, Influencer marketing, virtual events, email campaigns, and website development – Infra Design even runs its own webinars such as its Malaysian Property talk shows. These strategic technologies implementation helps to attracts more customers, generate qualified leads from warm to hot, optimize conversion rates and increase sales. With the digital marketing industry on the rise, working in tandem with its property development clients to bring them into this new paradigm, Infra Design is looking forward to the next year or so providing massive opportunities for expansion. At present, it is looking to move into the rest of Asia and overseas, developing a data analysis platform to provide in-depth marketing reports that its clients can look forward to, slated for release soon. Company: Infra Design Sdn Bhd Contact: Christina Leong Telephone: +6012-3766611 Email: [email protected] Web: Address: A-3-5, Kuchai Exchange, No 43, Jalan Kuchai Maju 13, 58200 Kuala Lumpur. With a multitude of big projects in its portfolio, Infra Design is a property development marketing agency working with the highest standards of excellence. Concerned with heralding in a new era as the market segment adapts to an online world, its founder has funnelled significant effort into forming a teamand business strategy that has accomplished this seamlessly. Founder – Christina Leong