South East Asia Awards 2021

28 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Best Integrated Creative Agency – Singapore May21004 NEIGHBOR is an award-winning integrated creative agency whose mission is to work closely with niche clients to create unique brand experiences and project the desirability of products and services to the intended audience. It is a consolidated expertise of branding, advertising and design professionals with over 30 years of industry experience. The company’s holistic approach ensures that processes and solutions are efficient, cost-effective and, most importantly, meet creative and strategic business objectives. NEIGHBOR’s pool of reputable clientele is a testimonial of its track record, ranging from SMEs to MNCs and global luxury brands, in industries such as retail, hospitality, medical, technology, finance, corporate, food and beverage and services. Some of the most illustrious names in NEIGHBOR’s portfolio include Singapore Airlines, Porsche, Nike Timing, Four Seasons Maldives, Franck Muller, Royal Selangor, and Prime Minister’s Office to name a few. The company’s core services are branding, design consultancy and advertising and its forte lies in the seamless integration of these services to provide its clients with goal-oriented solutions that are compelling and truly stand the test of time. This also allows it to work across-the-board to detect and advise on areas that require improvement in the course of brand development for clients’ businesses. Honesty and taking ownership are the two principles that NEIGHBOR stands by. When you treat the client’s businesses like your own, every aspect of work done is as good as doing it for our own business. From the execution of responsibilities to facing challenges, NEIGHBOR ensures that all aspects or issues that may arise are solved objectively. To maintain high standards of work quality and service, a common understanding and expectations are set for new hires. Establishing a rapport and understanding each client’s needs is key. Communication channels are kept as open as possible so clients have access to the management. Each project is measured holistically including the quality of creative work, client and vendor liaison and budget management to help the company better its work quality in the future. Regular monitoring and internal reviews are done to seek improvement and this is done through skills upgrading programmes and knowledge- based exercises. At NEIGHBOR, every job, no matter how small is important. It is a reflection of the company which is outcome-driven and it is heartened to know it has delivered results. The South East Asian region is a melting pot of cultural diversity, and Singapore, where NEIGHBOR is based, is a highly modernised society. Its cosmopolitan city state is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and being one of the Four Asian Tigers for high-growth economy, businesses are conducted in a pragmatic and transparent manner. In recent years, Singapore has also become a hotspot for many tech start-ups and houses several global tech companies including Facebook, Google, ByteDance, and Microsoft. The pandemic has changed the way companies do business. While tech-enabled companies, from logistics to e-commerce to healthcare to food and beverage have found ways to adapt and thrive in this difficult climate, some industry sectors have suffered a major hit. Under such uncertain circumstances, some local business owners tend to take a pragmatic approach and would rather make contingency plans for short-term gains. NEIGHBOR’s challenge as an agency is to guide them into taking the right steps and measures to future- proof their business, which in some instances, requires substantial initial cost output. However, to sustain and thrive in today’s ever-changing environment, it is a small price to pay. Business continuity planning and goal mapping must be done correctly in order to gain both short-term and long-term returns. As a certified Practising Management Consultant, NEIGHBOR meets the quality and ethical standards recognised by the Singapore government agencies to be brand custodians of government- assisted branding projects. With a multitude of government programmes to assist business start-ups and to grow established ones coupled with Singapore’s strategic location as a business hub, these factors provided direct and indirect channels for many work opportunities. NEIGHBOR has recently formed a consortium of different specialist companies across countries, aptly named Compendium. They tap on each other’s expertise and resources when necessary. As the world gets smaller and projects have evolving needs, this empowers NEIGHBOR to take on projects beyond the capabilities of a boutique agency. As a recent example, a hotel conglomerate has approached NEIGHBOR to create a new ultra-luxury global brand from ground up which includes launching it worldwide. Its Compendium of like-minded partners in architecture, interior design, materials specialists, public relations, social media etc. was brought into the picture to put together an all-encompassing and seamless proposal. The company is also seeking to diversify its business in a manner that will improve its design and creative experience and hopefully, create partnerships with its clients on such endeavours as well. In addition, NEIGHBOR aims for collaboration with related industries to create category- defying and avant-garde works. As an agency, it is continuing to carve its niche as the top-of-mind creative strategist for retail and lifestyle industries. Company: NEIGHBOR Pte Ltd Contact: Jill Ong Email: [email protected] Website: