South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 27 , Apr21854 Natural Healthcare Specialist of the Year 2021 – Singapore Reconnective Healing SG is in the business of natural and holistic wellness – healing without the use of medication. It is passionate about helping individuals with negative emotions, suffering frompains and aches, who have triedmanymethods to heal themselves but to no avail, or when doctors cannot determine the causes of the health problems, or clients who prefer to heal naturally without the use of invasive methods or medication. Reconnective Healing SG’s founder, Dawn Chen and her staff use their own experiences to know which treatments work and which patients would benefit from them, the focus being on healing naturally without the use of medication or tools and activating the human body’s ability to heal. If medication or other tools, e.g. acupuncture, is required to help speed up healing and recovery, the company views them as complimentary to its services. Its method also helps eliminate negative emotions at the root level so they become more manageable in daily life, in order to live life with ease and calmness. The company’s philosophy for maintaining its high standards is that its staff are constantly working on their own health too so that they are always in tip top condition to help others, eliminating any of their own negative emotions and blockages to make them stronger and healthier, emotionally, mentally, physically, and as a result, they are able to better serve others. And the most prevalent trend within the industry is that more people are seeking help with their emotional and physical pain, as they are realising that emotional and mental health impact physical health. Reconnective Healing SG has therefore been seeing an increasing number of clients. Teamwork and integrity are at the core of Reconnective Healing’s culture and this is maintained by its leaders exhibiting this spirit and these traits. When the leaders made mistakes, they apologise to clients and staff, and share lessons learned thereafter. Thus, when attracting new staff, these are the same traits it looks for. The company comes from the perspective of nurturing staff and learning from one another, and questions are strongly encouraged when anything is unclear, emphasising that no question is a stupid question. While the company is physically based in Singapore, its work is not only limited to physical or in-person appointments. Fortunately, it has not been affected by the pandemic as it has been providing its service online since pre-COVID-19 days to help individuals work on their negative emotions, especially stress, anxiety, anger, etc. In fact, there has been an increase in demand for distance healing when more people are unable to travel within and even out of the country due to the pandemic. As more people are becoming aware of taking care of their wellbeing due to the pandemic, Reconnective Healing SG has stepprf up on the educational aspect of what can be done to heal naturally, not just with the therapies and solutions it offers, but also through lifestyle and diet. Therefore, more talks and workshops have been conducted and the company will continue to hold these to reach out to more people online for the rest of 2021 and onward. Company: Reconnective Healing SG Contact: Dawn Chen Email: [email protected] Website: