South East Asia Awards 2021

26 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Excellence Award for Structural Steel & ConstructionMaterials Supply - Malaysia The construction industry in the APAC region has changed dramatically over the years, with increasing need for the highest quality products to ensure buildings that will stand the test of time and act as testament to the growing power of this region. We take a look at the team from KimHui Sdn Bhd to see how they have been able to secure somuch business which has led to success in the South East Asia Business Awards 2021. The role of steel in construction is one which has only grown in demand over the years, as projects embrace more demanding standards and more exacting requirements. An essential part of this development has been finding companies which are able to supply steel to these remarkably high standards of engineering. Since being incorporated in 1981, Kim Hui Sdn Bhd has been a market leader in the construction materials supply chain, offering hardware to building firms on an incredible scale. With a head office based in Port Klang in West Malaysia, it’s little surprise that the team has quickly found a ready market for their work, as this is an area of the world that is constantly looking forward to the next big step. Those who turn to this intrepid team can find all manner of structural steels and steel products, construction materials and hardware in their stores, with a particular focus on metal steel hardware, mild steel angle bar, flat bar, hollow section, U Channel, I Beam, H Beam, mild steel plate, checker plate, metal roofing and galvanized high tensile purlin. The team are not just renowned for their ability to provide this material, but for their capacity to ensure that it is always of the highest quality. The value to the construction industry that this team brings is formidable in the extreme, ensuring that the essential projects that will push Malaysian industry forward are able to continue. It has brought the team who run the company incredible success, with a net sales revenue increase of 17.16% in 2019. This showcases not just that the business is thriving, but that there is an amazing demand for their particular services. When it comes to choosing the best possible supplier of structural steel and construction materials, it’s little wonder that so many businesses turn to this intrepid firm. The team’s extraordinary selection of items ensures that they can provide a truly comprehensive solution to whatever challenges await. Their success is a credit to them, and a boon to the APAC region as a whole. Company: Kim Hui Sdn Bhd Name: Joseph Teo Email: [email protected] Apr21818