South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 25 , Apr21679 Most Innovative Contemporary Art Exhibition – Bangkok SAC Gallery strives to make art accessible to people at all levels of artistic education and employs a staff who are friendly and informative. The cultural in the gallery is to welcome dialogue based on the exhibition on view. Prior to any exhibition, the team cross-brief each other from the curatorial point of view, the PR angles, the commercial aspects, and the non-arts perspectives. This ensures everyone is able to engage with visitors from multiple dimensions. SAC Gallery encourages its team members to speak their minds and to share their views, regardless of their position in the company. Allowing for fresh ideas to be exchanged from the eyes of junior staff and offers them the opportunity to grow and learn from their seniors. When looking for new team members, SAC Gallery seeks people who are willing to learn and adapt, as the company is constantly evolving. During this pandemic, the gallery pivoted to focus on digital programming and expanded its online strategy, reaching a broader audience and engaging in more meaningful conversations in the digital sphere. To this end, SAC Gallery is always looking to employ individuals with positive attitudes and a love for new technologies. The cultural of contemporary art in South East Asia is rather insular and is still considered a developing market in the field. There isn’t as much cross- institution collaboration within the region in comparison to what one might find in Europe. This is true especially so in Thailand. Contemporary art is still consolidated within Bangkok and Chiang Mai but SAC Gallery works with partner arts organizations around the country to decentralise this concentration of influence and expand contemporary culture to be embraced by people in other parts of Thailand. Many of SAC Gallery’s clients are first-time art buyers, and so it offers an open, informative, and often less formal experience to its collectors. As it is the only contemporary art gallery in the city that employs in-house conservators, the team can also advise clients from day one on how to preventively conserve their new acquisition: preparing the right environment for the work through education on how to package and store the art objects. The gallery also has a dedicated artist liaisons team that assists artists in their research and expansion of their practice and their market. Clients can be sure SAC Gallery’s artists will grow in the right direction to maintain the values of their artworks and their collection. When there are large developments in the contemporary art world at large SAC Gallery is always learning and engaging with thought leaders. The gallery commonly brings in knowledgeable representatives to offer expert opinions to the staff and artists as the market changes. NFT- based crypto-art has been a hot topic in 2021. The gallery is currently engaged in several conversations with artists who are interested in NFT art, and has been assisting its artists to tokenise their works. As the pandemic is beginning to be under control (at the time of writing), SAC Gallery is looking at its international presence again, and has been planning to go back on the art fair circuit, bringing Thai artists to show alongside their global contemporaries. SAC Gallery furthers this mission by collaborating with many galleries, art centres, and art residencies from other countries, creating a global network from which its artists and collectors benefit. While Thai artists are gradually making history through their involvement in exhibitions, festivals and biennales around the world, their price points are still relatively low, making Thai contemporary art perfect for young art collectors and investors alike. SAC Gallery wants to be the gateway for Thai artists to connect with the rest of the world and hopes that readers will be inspired to get in touch! Company: SAC Gallery (formerly Subhashok the Arts Centre), Bumrungraks Service Co. Ltd. Contact: Jongsuwat Angsuvarnsiri Email: [email protected] Website: SACGallery is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Itsmission is to promote emerging andmid-career Thai artists tohave a strong presence on the global art stage. The gallery values collaboration and education, offering advisory services, conservation and restoration, artist and researcher residencyprogrammes, aswell as an educational programming.