South East Asia Awards 2021

24 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Leading Innovator in Life & Business Redesign 2021 Apr21817 Mind Strategics Learning Consultancy (MSLC) initially beganwith a focus on personal development, and on helping individuals heal personal trauma and findmeaning and purpose in their lives tomake themmore productive. It then started including corporate consultancy because after doing the personal work, clients wanted similar changes for their organisations. The scope expanded fromworking with individuals to companies and corporations. Therefore, MSLC’s core values are to offer mind body healing that adds meaning and purpose to lives, making themmore productive in a non-intrusive fashion. The company is focused on new and intriguing perspectives and models of leadership, of maximising human potential and of business breakthroughs. Founder, Dr Sundardas’ years of understanding the human mind and psyche is combined with the application of out-of-the-box business methods that enable clients to push the right buttons to fuel their passion, utilise and manage their assets, and excite customers to work with them. MSLC is always keeping up with cutting edge changes in management consultation and perspectives, system thinking and psychology. Multi-business award winner, serial entrepreneur with 31 years in business in total, best-selling author, naturopathic physician, and professor of natural medicine, there are very few individuals that have the technical and life experience that Dr Sundardas has for helping individuals, experts and companies optimise their personal brand, and grow and scale their business. His client list includes some of the richest families in Asia, the Middle East, and India; leading Asian actresses and entertainers; members of the Malaysian royal family; organisations such as Goldman Sachs, and IBM; as well as South East Asian government bodies like the Ministry of Defence and Education, Singapore, and the Ministry of Health Thailand. Dr Sundardas has helped companies in the wellness arena generate more than $25 million in sales by strategic technical positioning. He has worked with diverse industries such as healthcare, engineering, shipping, architecture, restaurants, fresh produce and health food, fashion, and copywriting and public relations in the areas of Peak Performance, Personal Branding and Strategic Management. The companies have ranged from start-ups to those with a turnover of $70 million. One of Dr Sundardas’ clients, N. Sakthivel, CEO of Galactic Advance Engineering in Malaysia said, “Dr Sundardas D Annamalay has been consulting us on the business matter for the past seven years. We have implemented approximately 20- 30% based on the consultation received and we are experiencing phenomenal changes to our business. Galactic Advance Engineering now has an increase in business growth of 35% and has a better employee retention rate.” Galactic Advance Engineering went on to win three entrepreneurial awards and became an icon for engineering companies in Malaysia. It is currently expanding regionally. Fortunate to have a group of companies that draw upon each other’s strengths and resources, MSLC would not have survived 2020 if it had been Dr Sundardas’ only company. The major focus in 2020 was setting up business deals in 2021. The company spent 2020 primarily re-strategising and looking at marketing and business trends. Towards that end, major marketing and networking processes were put in place. Dr Sundardas also started a podcast called Life by Design in 2019 for marketing and this was used to build further branding and positioning. He also started to reposition what the company was doing and was reaching out farther afield. MSLC built online training platforms to be able to deliver programmes online and via Zoom. As a result, it has one corporate consultancy signed up with another pending in Singapore. Having helped many individuals and companies over the years, Dr Sundardas and MSLC strive to continue changing lives. There are many exciting projects coming up, with one in China (with a provincial government) involving educating physicians and parents in the management of autism and autism-related conditions and setting up clinical facilities; the launch of a programme to help rehabilitate ex-offenders in Singapore; business consultancy projects in other Asian countries and Nigeria that involve education and strategic alignment; and online summits which will involve experts around the world in the wellness arena. Company: Mind Strategics Learning Consultancy Pte Ltd Contact: Dr Sundardas D Annamalay Email: [email protected] Website: Participants of Dr Sundardas’ Success Permission Programme