South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 23 , Apr21678 Best Baby & Toddler Products Wholesaler - Malaysia Nothing is too good for your little one, or at least that’s the approach taken by the teamat Childhood BasicMarketing Sdn Bhd. They have scoured the world looking for the perfect products for babies at toddlers, offering good quality at an affordable price. We take a closer look at how their approach has yielded such remarkable success in the South East Asia Business Awards fromAPAC Insider. Since first opening its doors 21 years ago, the team of Childhood Basic Marketing has been a leader in marketing and distributing of creative and high-quality baby care products. Offering customers products that span the lifetime of a baby and toddler, from nursery to those precious first steps, this is a business that grows with all parents’ needs. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the overriding mission of the team at Childhood Basic Marketing has been maintaining an incredible standard of service in order to draw in customers. Their vision is to hope that all parents will be able to get benefited from their products, under the careful guidance of the Childhood Basic Marketing team. They are always on hand to explain how and what that they are offering can be of immense benefits to all parents. Being based in Malaysia has been very beneficial to the team, with this developing country being host to a number of different languages and cultures, allowing access to business partners across the APAC region. Childhood Basic Marketing works with organizations in Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar, giving the team enormous reach. This reach has been the key to securing their success. As the firm is not a producer, the team is able to invest considerably in marketing their brands. In this way, the team has been able to secure the trust with hundreds of thousands of parents. When it comes to understanding what’s the value a product has, customers know that the team at Childhood Basic Marketing can be trusted to deliver timely. Other competitors in the industry, on the other hand, who failed to build a reliable and trusted relationship with customers are habitually doing price cut to capture sales. This reach as a wholesaler is why the firm is in such high demand from various international bodies. The incredible reputation that the team has developed, had credited them being appointed as sole distributor on behalf of several international companies. As a result, Childhood Basic Marketing is responsible for several product ranges that cover feeding, cleaning, cups, baby care, toys, gears, teethers and rattles. Everything that a baby or toddler could want is accounted for and easily accessible to all. There is no other companies in the APAC region that is able to deliver such a comprehensive range of products, catering to every need that parents might have. For retailers and consumers alike, turning to Childhood Basic Marketing is an obvious step. This range obviously changes to meet the needs of the day, and in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that there has been a special emphasis on hygiene and bacteria eliminating products. It’s little wonder that the team also has its own specific range, LITTLE BEAN and LITTLE BEAN PREMIUM, designed to keep your tiny tot safe and well. The world of baby products has plenty of potential, with items being produced around the world. The secret of the success behind Childhood Basic Marketing has been bringing the best of these many ideas to the burgeoning APAC region. Company: Childhood Basic Marketing Sdn Bhd Email: Web Address: