South East Asia Awards 2021

22 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Best Car Rental Business – Philippines DS Conveyance Corporation is a car rental company that boasts a comprehensive tailor-made and cost effective “one stop transportation solution”. It operated as sole proprietor in 2016 under the name of Looptrans Car Rental and eventually fitted as a corporation in 2020. DS Conveyance’s philosophy is to provide the most efficient transportation. Even though it is not yet as extensive compared to other transportation companies, it strives to be the best in terms of customer service by adjusting to clients’ needs and not just thinking about profit. It considers both sides: client’s satisfaction and growth of the business. It goes hand in hand. The company adjusts to the needs of its clients by catering retail to long-term leasing and offering almost all types of vehicles such as sedans, luxury cars, and utility vehicles. Three of DS Conveyance’s major clients are Wuhan FiberHome, an international company that offers information and communication network products and solutions; CJ Logistics, which offers an e-fulfilment solution optimised for ecommerce from storage of goods to shipping and delivery; and P.IMES, a Japan-based manufacturing company of electronics, automotive, medical and semiconductor. It also deals with SMEs, which is always a positive experience because their passion in providing quality service is more visible. This is because of their willingness to make a name in the industry. Touching base with all its clients, it first assesses the needs before it offers. This is to make sure that it provides the most suitable transportation service. The company also provides a top-notch after-sales service; it is never hard to get in touch with the company for follow-ups or any other concerns. Clients can communicate not only to the sales department but also the operations which rarely happens with other companies. DS Conveyance always strives to treat everyone with kindness and respect, both its clients and its staff. Everything moves at a fast pace within the corporate world. There are institutions and/ or entities that can drain your energy and eat you alive. DS Conveyance makes sure that everyone within the company receives the support and uplifting needed to be able to perform at full capacity. The higher management are leaders, not dictators, the mid-management responds by considering the situation and not only by the book, and all employees act with integrity. Aside from the basic knowledge within the industry, DS Conveyance is leaning toward the eagerness to learn and be trained. It is more than willing to acquire someone with a fresh start who is looking to build a career while learning, rather than someone who feels superior over anyone because of experience. Meanwhile, the company and its industry has its challenges, including all transportation providers having to deal with the traffic conditions of the Philippines. Although it can easily be managed, there are times that delays and additional expenses are unavoidable. The inconsistency of the traffic condition in different areas is highly unpredictable; one day it’s smooth, the next it will be bumper to bumper. In terms of the pandemic, car rental and leasing businesses were really not affected. It actually boosted the number of clients since the capacity of public transportation was reduced, if not suspended. Shuttle service was really sought after, especially in the BPO industry. Instead of being thankful, which is really inappropriate regarding the current pandemic, the company considers it more as an opportunity to help the community, and it did not take advantage of the situation. The safety of its clients is a big focus within its duties as a transportation provider, with safety protocols such as number of passengers, clearance to travel and pass through, safety barriers inside of vehicles, etc. Though this means exerting extra effort and spending a bit more than usual, DS Conveyance is amenable by any regulation being set by IATF and the government. Moving forward, DS Conveyance’s plan for this year is simple; to maintain the quality of its service, and if the situation permits, acquire more clients. It would like to double in size and gain more units and clients, ideally achieving hundreds of additional units and 15-20 more clients over two years. Its 10-year goal is to be Philippines’ number one and biggest transportation provider. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have already reported bankruptcy because of the pandemic. As one of the business tycoons said, the goal of businesses this pandemic is to survive. DS Conveyance feels lucky and thankful that it has an upward slope on its reports. Company: DS Conveyance Corporation Contact: Christian Harry Diesta Email: [email protected] Website: Apr21676