South East Asia Awards 2021

20 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Best CleanTech Investment Company 2021 Apr21557 Based in Singapore, TRIRECwas founded in 2015 by two friends, Melvyn Yeo and LawrenceWu, bothwith vast experience in global financial markets, strong and successful entrepreneurial track records, and a deep passion for environmental stewardship. TRIREC is an investment firm with decarbonisation as its mandate. It allocates capital to exceptional entrepreneurs globally to provide them with early-stage growth equity, and partners with start-ups in contributing to a healthier planet and stronger communities while delivering suitable risk-adjusted returns to its investment partners. At the heart of TRIREC’s story is a culture steeped in a desire to protect the environment for the many generations that will follow, entrepreneurial drive, and strong sense of community and camaraderie. This culture is deeply imbued across the organisation from its colleagues, its investee companies and its investors. The value of what TRIREC strives to achieve every day is immeasurable in the short-term, while viewed in the long lens of history, it is massively significant. TRIREC focuses its investment expertise around the five sectors that scientific evidence has demonstrated as producing the majority of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. These are in: electricity and power generation, mobility and transportation, food and agriculture, buildings, and industries. TRIREC identifies suitable and innovative companies to invest, which helps to drive their business growth and should deliver its investors the appropriate investment returns. This creates a virtuous cycle and long-term sustainability in the process of helping the planet and environment. The last 18 months have seen a big paradigm shift as broad themes such as ESG, sustainability, and climate change have received massive tailwinds of focus from all areas of society. As a result, from a funding perspective, TRIREC has seen big inflows of capital into ESG mutual funds and ETFs with every major asset manager globally launching such investment opportunities. The inflow of investment capital has also had a cascading effect on earlier stage venture capital funds and start-ups. Three main observed effects are as follows: A higher number of start- ups focusing on solving decarbonisation and sustainability issues sprouted up globally. The number of deals TRIREC has seen since 2015 to what it has seen over the past 12 months has grown by almost fourfold. South East Asia has seen the highest growth of new start-ups being founded by enterprising entrepreneurs, where Singapore has continued to be the regional hotbed for the venture capital ecosystem. As more intellectual and entrepreneurial capital gravitates towards this sector, TRIREC is also seeing many more interesting start-ups with strong business models and solutions. TRIREC has also seen start-ups coming to market and closing larger investment rounds at various stages. While TRIREC is currently recognised as an astute early- stage venture investor in the decarbonisation sector, it has aspiration plans to be a broader- based investment platform to create extensive viable funding pathways to support budding ideas and enterprising individuals to fulfil the company’s vision of “Powering big ideas of today for a better, more sustainable tomorrow”. The company’s DNA also emphasises a sense of contribution back to society. There have been discussions on the setting up of a foundation that will undertake non-profit projects and scholarships to derive non- financial tangible achievements and impact as an organisation. At TRIREC, it is firmly believed that what it is doing and will be doing, along with strong emphasis of its culture, are what sets it apart from its peers. This sense of commitment, entrepreneurial spirit, and development of the individual permeates throughout the organisation and is also a key pillar for talent management, retention and recruitment. The senior management of TRIREC are all entrepreneurs who have started their own respective businesses that became the leaders in the industries that they were in and have also had successful exits. The trials and tribulations, elation and passion that all founders face allow TRIREC to connect deeply with the founders that it speaks to. It understands what they go through and is there to help where needed and quietly cheer them on. Its key stakeholders are definitely its investors who have placed a lot of trust and faith in TRIREC as custodians of their assets. Many of its investors have a similar aligned mindset on the mission that TRIREC is on and what it stands for. So, together with its investors, the founders of its investee companies, and its dedicated team, it forms a strong and unshakable foundation to achieve its goal of being one of the leading decarbonisation investment firms. TRIREC is entrepreneurial at heart, collaborative by nature, guided by integrity, driven to succeed. Company: TRIREC Pte Ltd Contact: Phyllis Kew Email: [email protected] Website: