South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 19 , Apr21490 Best Corporate Services Firm 2021 RBA is a finances, accounting, and corporate services firm that is working hard to bring itself and its clients seamlessly into the digital age. Boasting an exemplary internal structure that looks after its staff, onboards clients in a way that is empathic and beneficial, and helps them to thrive in the new paradigm of a remote working world, it is fast making itself a going concern internally. With branches across a multitude of locations including Singapore, Hong King, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok, RBA is an accounting and corporate services firm that has made a name for itself in its market segment. Its clients are generally SME or MNC, and RBA provides them with the full spectrum of corporate support in order to give them the leg up they need in their industry to help their businesses thrive; this support includes financial advice, accounting, and tax requirement help. Therefore, it is dedicated to providing its client with such solutions relevant to the area in which they are operating, paying attention to jurisdiction and company goals in order to provide the best services. It values its team’s ability to deliver this perfectly. Each staff member is not only an expert in their field, but committed to the happiness of its clients, and willing to go above and beyond to help in whatever way possible – RBA thanks each one of them by ensuring they are looked after, providing a safe and enjoyable work environment and unlimited paid leave. Most recently, one of its numerous successes has been the co-founding of a company which creates corporate service software, effectively providing an in-house solution for clients wishing to step into the digital world. Fundamentally, all of its exemplary services are made possible and empowered by its core values. These mainly focus internally, as RBA knows that in order to provide brilliant service, the people within its own ranks must be equipped to do so, and thus champions the provision of continuous training. Furthermore, it is upfront and transparent, and even selects clients upfront that it wishes to onboard. This has set it in good stead with everyone who comes in contact with its business operations, from its staff, to its clients, and RBA’s partners; and in such a diverse region as the South East of Asia, this has helped it to stand out amongst its competition. Singapore is slowly becoming a key hub for the region, with the use of fully integrated and efficient finance and legal systems across the board that allow it to become more of a pivotal international player in the wider corporate world, and enable the businesses there to take advantage of this foothold. Its other regions have also seen similarly beneficially growth – something that is similarly highly pivotal to the business operating in them – and allowing RBA to be discerning and yet still successful regarding its client onboarding methodology. The onboarding it does allows it to form solid, long lasting, and trust- based relationships with clients, allowing it to truly become a business partner to them and remaining constantly informed of their situation so that it may advise them appropriately. In addition, with regards to its internal organisation, it is very strict about not working to a hierarchy. Instead, it strives to hire a senior team of expert minds in their field that work together well, with enough experience to manage clients effectively and empathically, people who will appreciate and benefit from the constant upskilling it offers. With a current prevailing trend in the digitisation of the client management marketplace sweeping the world, even more so in a paradigm still grappling with the impact of a pandemic, it sees its place in the international market securing itself even further over the next few years. It will be focusing next on its expansion into Malaysia and Indonesia within the next 3 years, excited to see where this growth spurt will take it next. Company: RBA Contact: Pierre Vanrenterghem Website: