South East Asia Awards 2021

18 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Best Employee Engagement Agency - Malaysia Currently in the midst of celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Uncang Tiga is a company making waves in its sector and across amultitude of industry verticals. Designing, implementing, andmaintaining amyriad of diverse employee engagement strategies for its clientele that help them to truly connect to their employees, it fosters healthy and productive working environments. Uncang Tiga was founded in 2011, upon an idea given wings by founders Anuar Shariff and Anand Krishnan – both of whom were and still are exemplary and learned voices in the sector of marketing agencies. Anuar started as Anand’s boss, but after a Teh Tarik session, they both realised that their current company left a lot to be desired; both in direction and in operational practice. They then set up their own company in Uncang Tiga, going their own way and allowing the business to become a guiding force for the careers of its employees, as well as that of employees of the corporate world at large. But what’s in a name? For this company, it’s a lot of meaning; in times gone by, people partaking in trade would often use gold and silver coins, kept in a pouch called as uncang in the original Malay. Thus, this reflects the nature of what Anuar and Anand wanted the company to become, the investment that will become the gold pouch, and something that can grow to become fuller and better over time and hard work. In terms of the services it provides, it delivers, develops, and implements results driven marketing communications solutions including employee engagement, event management, digital interactive, multimedia, and creative services. To drill into these in more detail, it has developed its employee engagement in order to motivate and elevate its clients’ staff, designing solutions that have integrated creativity and technology in order to create a unique experience and motivate its employees. Fundamentally, by doing this, it increases productivity amongst its client’s staff, elevating the work experience of the team and the experience of the end users, something critical when conducting things such as event management, multimedia, and creative services. It has dedicated itself to taking care of everything across its comprehensive services, ensuring that its clients can focus on achieving the goals of their business and keeping their enterprise on a track to greater success, bolstered by the support of Uncang Tiga. Working with empathy, solution- based work, results driven philosophies, and efficiency, its experience has allowed it to show the true depth and breadth of its capabilities across a myriad of clients. These include Jaguar, Nestle, Sony, GSK, Oracle, and many more – the range found amongst them proving its sector agnosticism. Therefore, no matter the company goal or bottom line of a client, it is confident that it will have the solution that can best provide for them, gleaning high returns on investments across the board and adding value with its business strategy consultations. Its USP is defined over three different pillars. People, process, and proof; its diverse and experienced team will be able to develop expert in-house solutions from consultation to event specialists, and music producers to audio engineers and creative designers. Its management culture is therefore fundamentally empathic and wishes to encourage and bolster the wins of its clients, its staff, and its partners, ethically, morally, and from a business perspective. Due to this, it attracts passionate and dedicated staff, accruing a team around it that has allowed it to pull through the difficult trials of the Covid-19 outbreak, which impacted customer behaviour and spending habits, opportunities, and events organisation in particular, prompting the growth of a new normal in video conferencing and webinars. Its pivot to this is something it has been in discussions with its clients to facilitate, creating an environment of mutual support in adapting to ‘the new normal’ with its Virtual Employee Engagement Programme. It plans to take this service far further as it moves into the future. Lastly, it sees another two years before the MICE industry is fully revived, but is dedicated to seeing it get there, providing all the help that it can to encourage digital adoption and keep track of changing consumer behaviour. Company: UNCANGTIGASDNBHD Contact: Anuar Shariff Website: Apr21394