South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 17 , Apr21389 Best Premiums & POS Merchandise Solution 2021 - Asia Pacific For the last two decades, the team at DTC have been leading the way when it comes to premiums & POS merchandise solutions. Their work has changed the way in which many organizations operate from the largest multinationals to the humblest small enterprise, allowing them to connect with customers all the way through the purchasing process. The role of POS merchandise is invaluable, but varies significantly from place to place. At DTC, the team are a key part of the production of various customised and high quality products that really reach out to the customer. No matter what the market, DTC’s incredible record of success demonstrates that this is a team that finds it easy to reach out and discover what really appeals to people. Their deep expertise and commitment to the potential of technology is a crucial factor in their continued success. At the heart of what DTC do is a commitment to creative yet grounded concepts. The team’s work has thrived not because they throw out the rulebook on how to achieve new results, but by building on what already exists. The DTC team carefully balance quality and design alongside cost-effectiveness and brand alignment. In this way, they have been able to push the boundaries of what many clients might have expected, while carefully tailoring their ideas to suit the burgeoning APAC market. This is why the team is a trusted collaborator, working with organizations such as Coca- Cola, KitKat and Guinness. DTC offers unique solutions to these brands and their marketing teams. This is a firm that is the first port of call when it comes to finding effective, end to end Premium & POS merchandise solutions. These solutions are carefully designed to grow the name recognition of a business in a way that adds immense value in this flourishing region. Thanks to the hard work of the team at DTC, many new entries to the market have been able to capture impressive market share. The use of technology has allowed the DTC team to take an enormous leap forward when compared to their counterparts. One of the most recent developments that the team has made is in their offering of a web portal order system, which allows clients to better manage their procurement process. By simplifying the system in this way, clients can achieve numerous cost savings and efficiencies, because they can see a clear holistic perspective. Working exclusively in the APAC region has allowed DTC to grow a comprehensive network of factories, able of producing anything that a client might need or require to the highest standard. This stems from working on numerous marketing campaigns that have each had their own unique demands and from twenty years of working within the industry. When it comes to ensuring that your marketing campaign gets off the ground, there’s no finer team to have to hand. We celebrate the amazing success of the firm, as its incredible products continue to appeal to people, capturing their imaginations and their hearts. Company: DTC Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Name: George Lam Email: [email protected] APAC Insider’s South East Asia Business Awards showcase some of the finest that the region has to offer in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship.We take a look at one of these astonishing leaders, the teamfromDTCMalaysia SdnBhd., to see howtheir tireless efforts have revolutionized the way inwhich businesses tackle the issues around POS and fulfilment solutions.