South East Asia Awards 2021

16 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 , Best Group Coaching Provider - Singapore Apr21315 Businesses are required to face challenges and rapid change more than ever before. Even with advancements in technology each day, people are still central to everything an organisation aims to achieve. Without an effective team of people, strong leadership and common goals, businesses will fail to grow and deliver. In our current business environment, leaders need to support and guide their employees to feel confident in adapting to a constantly changing environment and do so without losing energy, innovation and expertise. This new management style has evolved to see leaders as coaches and teams required to be strong participants in the mission of their company. JET Corporate Development (JETCD) offers facilitated workshops, group, team and individual coaching, to support and empower people in all levels of an organisation to strive to be their best. Winning an award for their group coaching sessions is an honour, as this is public acknowledgement of the exceptional results being delivered for their clients. They focus on developing people’s capabilities, expanding mindsets and helping to overcome limiting beliefs which result in an overall improved business performance. JETCD was founded and is run by Joanna Thumiger, an accredited coach and master facilitator who is passionate about delivering results through people development. Joanna has a wealth of corporate experience, a deep cultural appreciation having lived across 4 continents, is certified in multiple behavioural assessments and has been recognised in Singapore for her facilitation expertise. JETCD operates across all of South East Asia, so Joanna has built a global associate network who partner to provide additional value and complimentary services when needed. A philosophy that is central to JETCD is the head and heart mindset. This combination of expertise and knowledge with empathy and passion for people development is something that everyone who works with JETCD believes in and embodies. JET stands for ‘Journey of Enablement and Transformation’ and is the cornerstone of all programs developed by JETCD. Working closely with clients to understand specific needs and desired outcomes, a journey of development with a blended learning approach is developed, ensuring every opportunity for leaders and teams is maximised so they can reach their potential and achieve greater results for the company. The journey approach allows the JETCD facilitators and coaches to build trust and understanding as they lead teams in conversations and exercises to learn, gain insight and be ready to take action back at work. Group coaching is challenging, and it requires skilled coaches to have a chance of affecting permanent and positive change. It is such a rewarding experience for participants, as they determine the best way forward through a shared learning experience with the coach and other leaders. Additionally, having a support network on a development journey creates a mechanism for accountability in the workplace. Testimonials highlight the energy and focus of group coaching sessions at JETCD. ‘This was one of the best coaching experiences I’ve had within my 25 years of professional career. You enabled us all in the group greatly to identify all the strengths and capabilities that have been already in us but did not come to the surface so far.’ Dr. Marcus Gollub VP, Head of Commercial Excellence EMEA Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH. JETCD prides itself on its bespoke offerings, keeping workshop content flexible and compatible with the needs of their clients. This has become even more valuable with the significant and swift changes during the pandemic period. JETCD prides itself on its bespoke offerings, keeping workshop content flexible and compatible with the needs of their clients. This has become even more valuable with the significant and swift changes during the pandemic period. The key was to shift successfully to online facilitating, coaching and learning. Making an online learning experience as engaging, experiential and interactive as a face-to-face learning, was critical from JETCD’s perspective. Clients have been so impressed with JETCD’s quality online offerings and spread the word to other colleagues across their SEA offices and business expanded despite the COVID restrictions. JETCD also saw an opportunity for expanding their reach to transform managers in coaching leaders and has launched The Executive Coaching Academy (ECA). ECA offers Executive Coaching Accreditation making use of JETCDs blended learning approach. Combining workshops with a state-of-the-art Learning Management Platform, the journey enables the potential in all participants as they learn the skills, understand how to overcome challenges and then implement the learning successfully. Additional projects, practice, supervision and buddy work will be included along the way to keep the journey alive and to ensure a transformation into successful credentialed coaches. Whether attended in person or online, the Journeys of Enablement and Transformation offered by JETCD via workshops and coaching will support an individual or team’s development process. All follow-up activities, particularly group coaching, keep the learning alive, acknowledging that accountability for transformation in the workplace needs to be owned by the participants. JETCD’s ability to align specifically with its client’s needs ensures they can accomplish a long lasting success – leaders reach their potential, high performance is achieved and cohesive teams succeed together. Discover why we won the award, and partner with us today to join the community of successful JETCD teams and leaders. Contact us on: [email protected]