South East Asia Awards 2021

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2021 15 , Apr21313 Eco-Friendly Baby Products Brand of the Year 2021 - Singapore Somuchmore than just an online shopfront, RAPH&REMY is a premiumbaby products supplier providing new parents with support, encouragement, and community. All products are made from the heart with a big focus on using sustainablymaterials, and it has, one customer at a time, made a name for itself by providing a safe space for new parents to come together and connect with one another throughout the journey of raising a child. RAPH&REMY is a company working hard to design premium gifts and essentials for babies, toddlers, and discerning parents, all lovingly made and premium quality. It favours bamboo as a material amongst other environmentally friendly elements, consistently thoughtful with what it produces and using ethical sources, prioritising environmental impact and baby comfort in a tropical climate. Fundamentally, this is what has earned it such notoriety in its industry, and its customers past and present appreciate how staunchly it believes that all babies should experience the best possible start in life and the best, most gentle products; things that are good to both them and the world they will grow up to inhabit. It also takes great pride in its attention to detail. Throughout its various lines and products, it will pay attention to even the most minute element, ensuring that it brings joy and happiness to new parents all over the world and promising to support its customers throughout their journey in raising their young one. After all, to RAPH&REMY, ‘love is in the details’. Furthermore, it is passionate about not just giving back to its clients, but to its community, too – it has partnered itself with the Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission in its region in order to support the resilience and recovery of society’s most vulnerable people, showing them through arts therapy how to cope with trauma and helplessness. Additionally, as well as being stunningly made, the baby essentials that it creates are each beautifully handpackaged with loving care. The products themselves are made from premium materials that promote the safety of the child, and supporting eco-friendly textile manufacturers across Asia. In supporting these establishments, it shows both its industry and the wider world of commerce that in order to provide customers with the best quality, they don’t need to harm the environment in the process, and that in fact better alternatives do exist. Furthermore, its popularity has shown that the pivot to such things is extremely beneficial for business as shoppers become more conscientious. Its silky soft, sustainable bamboo textiles are breathable, hypo-allergenic, and gentle on babies’ skin, free from harmful chemicals – but it doesn’t want a customer to just take its word for it. RAPH&REMY’s work with toxin-free material has earned it an OEKO-TEX certification, reassuring its clientele that it is transparent and true to its word in its claims. In this way, a customer can always rest assured that RAPH&REMY will be providing them and their child with only the best, something that will last years and provide the high quality, sustainable, chic baby products that it saw missing in the wider market. Operating out of Singapore, the duo behind this exemplary business have made it their home for the better part of a decade now. It is whilst in the city that the idea for the RAPH&REMY brand really took flight, leading to its determination to help support and simplify the introduction to parenthood for new parents all over the world, with brilliant products spanning a variety of things they might need, all in the same place. Essentially, it has distilled and refined all of the considerable parenting knowledge of the founders into every element of its business to create a brand with heart and soul – one with creations and a community that gives people a level on which to connect, engage, and support one another. It invites parents new and old to join its community today, reachable through its Instagram page, and is excited to build the confidence of the parents who buy from it, as well as its own brand. Company: RAPH&REMY Contact: Tiffany Okumu Website: Instagram: @raphandremy